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A Second Look at the Second Wave

Sponsored by Zerogram Press On January 26 Sam Huber reviewed My Name is Andrea, Pratibha Parmar’s documentary about the feminist writer Andrea Dworkin, for the NYR Online. “The film is most valuable,” Huber writes, “for its conviction that Dworkin’s dual commitment to language and politics constituted a single thread running taut […]

Emancipation’s Limitations

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Classical Pursuits Sean Wilentz The Emancipators’ Vision Was abolition intended as a perpetuation of slavery by other means? Natalia Ginzburg and Alba de Céspedes On Women: An Exchange “That article of mine spoke of women in general, and said things we all know: […]

Keith Preston on the political battle between the sexes + much more

Cotto/Gottfried News Commentary LISTEN HERE COTTO’S LATEST BOOK, ‘Eye for an Eye,’ on Amazon: WANT TO SUPPORT ‘Cotto/Gottfried?’ No worries about size — the thought really counts: Just for the record (obvious as it may seem), Cotto Gottfried Inc. is a FOR-PROFIT enterprise, so NOTHING you […]

Best Workplaces for Women

Fortune Learn more from Fortune’s Women in the Workplace coverage 4 ways to create workplaces women won’t want to leave 100 Best Large Workplaces for Women Women are reentering the workplace, but employers will have to do more for them to stick around 25 Best Small and Medium […]

The Gender Identity Of … Eunuchs

Or dolphins. Looking at the nebulous nihilism of transgenderism. Andrew Sullivan What is gender identity? Since this very new term is now cemented in law, corporate practice, and now medicine as well, it’s a good question. Here is an official description from HRC, the biggest “queer” lobby: One’s […]

Feminism and Organized Anarchism

From Black Rose Anarchist Federation This document was produced by the Brazilian Anarchist Coordinator [Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira] (CAB), a group of anarchist organizations working collaboratively across Brazil. It is translated and reprinted here with the permission of our sister organizations participating in CAB. Translation by Enrique Guerrero-López Our […]

The tyranny of queer theory

By Mary Harrington, The Unherd Even if you’re gay, being monogamous is seen as reactionary — if not outright bigoted With hindsight, it probably was bad manners to bring a male one-night stand back to the lesbian commune where I lived. At the time, in Noughties London, I […]

Why men don’t age like wine

By Ed West Back in the glory days of the hedonistic 1990s one of the women most beloved of frustrated adolescent males was Anna Nicole Smith. Smith was blonde, Texan and blessed with phenomenally gigantic breasts, qualities which by 1993 had helped her achieve the coveted ‘Playmate of […]

A New Transgender Feminism

New York Review of Books On Friday, we published an essay by Paisley Currah on sex classification and the hurdles to changing one’s legal sex. “For transgender people in the United States,” he writes, “the sheer number of state institutions with discrete authority to define sex ensnares us […]

Abortion, the Christian right, and antifascism

Matthew Lyons, a leading “antifascist” intellectual, actually has a pretty good definition of fascism. ” a revolutionary form of right-wing populism, inspired by a totalitarian vision of collective rebirth, that challenges capitalist political and cultural power while promoting economic and social hierarchy. ” See the Lyons article here. […]