Young People In The US Are Having Way Less Sex Than Previous Generations 1

The Sexual Revolution ended up like every other trend. It got boring after a while. Interestingly, women and homosexuals are more sexually active than heterosexual men, particularly lower income men, which is probably the result of widening class divisions. It typically takes money for straight guys to get laid.

By Tom Hale

IFL Science

The age of Tinder is a strangely sexless one, apparently. Most young people in the US are having way less than previous generations, according to a new study. Not only are more adults experiencing long dry spells or totally abstaining from sex, but even the adults who are having sex are having it less often.

Published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open, researchers from San Diego State University and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden surveyed the sex lives of almost 10,000 adults between 2000 and 2018.


Kamala Harris: “Everyone can finally bear witness to the violence” against Black citizens by police Reply

Kamala Harris would be the ruling class’ ideal figurehead at this point. A “woman of color” who consolidates the totalitarian humanist ideological framework with the left hand, while strengthening the police/carceral state with the right hand.

Sen. Kamala Harris speaks on the Senate floor about historical and modern violence visited upon Black Americans by the police.

Historic First: Under Trump, Half Of National Security Council Leaders Are Women Reply

Virtually everything that is wrong with “liberal” or “progressive” thinking, and the thinking of many others further to the left, is summed up in a single headline.

By Madeline Osburn

The Federalist

For the first time in history, half of the senior leaders of the National Security Council are women. Twelve of the 24 directorates are led by women now, including three of the six regional directorates that cover the world.

While the White House press corps has not yet noticed that fact, and Vanity Fair didn’t have Annie Leibovitz come do a photo shoot, as would have been obligatory in the previous administration, women in the White House noticed and appreciated the historic first.

“President Trump has demonstrated his commitment to empowering women in the U.S. and across the world, implementing a pro-growth, pro-family agenda that lifts up women of all backgrounds. It’s no surprise that women are leading the way across the Trump administration, including more women leaders at the National Security Council than at any other time in history,” adviser to the President Ivanka Trump said.


Because Imperialists Rape: Anarcha-Feminism In the Ashes of the MeToo Era 6

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

The MeToo Movement died last month. It bled out slowly as it limped to the barn. It’s hard to say who the triggerman was behind the coup de grace, but it wasn’t Joe Biden. That derelict beast is anything but a feminist and this wound was clearly self-inflicted. My guess is the artery was severed by Nancy Pelosi during a press conference when she uttered the appalling epitaph, “Joe Biden is Joe Biden.”, officially declaring the unspoken hypocrisy that certain rapists are above the law by divine right of political convenience.

Nancy is hardly the reliable feminist herself, but at that moment she appeared to be speaking for a movement that had collectively sacrificed its conscience, in some sick ritual slaughter, to the gods of partisan lesser-evilism. One by one, the majority of this grassroots movement’s leadership capitulated to these gods, responding to the testimony of their fellow survivor, Tara Reade, with a shrug at best and outright character assassination at worst. Rose McGowan seemed to stand alone again in her rage and indignation, this time abandoned by her own sisters. I feel her rage. Though this is hardly the first time the movement was ambushed by white cis-gender liberals and it probably wont be the last, I have never been more ashamed to be a feminist.


Hometown Hero Reply

By Susan McWilliams

The American Conservative

The town of Maricopa, in the southwestern corner of California’s San Joaquin Valley, has one diner and one gas station. Its landscape is all oil wells and sagebrush, grit and heat and dust, just as it was a century ago when the sociologist Robert Nisbet, one of the 20th century’s great conservative minds, grew up there.

It wasn’t a pretty hometown, not the kind of place you’d ever see pictured on a postcard or memorialized in a Norman Rockwell painting. Nisbet would later write, in his elegant and restrained tone, that Maricopa’s setting offered a “hostile challenge to the human spirit.”


Covid’s war on women Reply

Is the coronavirus a tool of the phallocracy? Not that it’s a pissing contest, but more men than women have died from COVID-19 so far. This is Rush Limbaugh-like “left parody” material here.

By Ryan Heath and Renuka Rayasam


During this plague year, there is almost never good news, only degrees of bad news. Even so, the pandemic has been different (and worse) for girls and women.

It’s true that more men are dying than women from Covid-19 around the world — but that’s not exactly cause for celebration.

Another ambivalent data point: More workplace risk is falling on women, who are more likely to be considered essential workers. The upside to that is still having a job, but at what price? Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde pointed out today in a POLITICO interview that “70 percent of those working in health care and elderly care are women.”

More of the daily grind tends to fall, on average, on women: From the increased cleaning and chores that come with more time spent in the home, which falls disproportionately to so many female household members, to the extra education and childcare work created through closures of school and day care, where men have also been known, on average, to skimp.


The Rise Of Religious Nationalism with Katherine Stewart 7

A leader of an organized atheist group (the far left of organized religion) interviews a member of the liberal media class (the new clerisy) on the role of the religious right (clerical oligarchs manipulating naive peasants on behalf of the right-wing of the ruling class/dying WASP elite/Likudniks/war profiteers).

Journalist Katherine Stewart, whom the Boston Globe has called “the Paul Revere of American civic life,” is a leading authority on the politics of the Religious Right. Her first book, “The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children,” came out in 2012, and this spring her new book, titled “The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism,” has been released. Stewart has written for the New York Times, the New Republic and the Washington Post.

“The role of the right-wing propaganda sphere in fostering distrust of fact-based media and scientific expertise really can’t be overstated here,” she explains in the interview, done remotely, about why a section of society is exhibiting such an irrational response to the pandemic. “The rank of the movement have been told over and over to dismiss the real news as fake news even before Trump.”

Democracy 2020!: Pick Your Favorite Pussy Grabber Reply

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Good morning dearest motherfuckers, it is spring time in this the plague besotted year of our lord Satan, twenty-hundred-and-twenty, and both major party candidates for the highest office of the greatest democracy imperialism can buy are confirmed geriatric sexual predators. There exists no other way to describe the painfully hilarious absurdity of our nation’s ascent into the stinky rafters of its own proverbial asshole. Webster, Oxford, Gore Vidal, and a childhood of blaxploitation cinema have failed to develop in me a drag queen’s tongue sharp enough to sum up this nation’s plight in the heat of the Kali Yuga better than the simple, painful, basic fact that our most cherished plutocratic ritual has been quite literally rendered to a game of Pick-Your-Favorite-Rapist. After centuries of the finest and most flowery propaganda that genocide can afford. After decades upon decades of shining cities on the hill and America, the indispensable nation, the exceptional hammer of global humanitarian benevolence, Trump vs Biden is the punch line to the sickest joke the devil ever wrote.


Left bucks Biden over Reade allegations Reply

By Holly Otterbein

Jess Scarane is campaigning for Joe Biden’s old Senate seat with a striking message for a Delaware Democrat: She believes his accuser, Tara Reade.

Scarane, who said she is a victim of sexual assault, tweeted in March that when she listened to Reade talk about her claims, “the assault I experienced as a teen at my first job came rushing back. She was telling my story, too. Almost word for word.” She has called on Chris Coons, the incumbent she is trying to oust and a top Biden ally, to support an investigation.

“I debated sending the tweet that I first did, probably for hours,” she told POLITICO. “Because I was not only exposing my own story, but I think there’s still a lot of fear and potential ramifications by just saying this deserves to be taken seriously.”


Who Is the State, Ruling Class, and Power Elite? 1

It seems that most people even on the far left and far right have a limited perception and definition of what concepts like the “state,” “ruling class,” or “power elite” actually mean. It would also seem that we need a much more modernized and expansive definition of these concepts if we are going to be intellectually and strategically prepared to fight our common enemies in the future (assuming that is what we want to do, which many apparently do not).


Why Elizabeth Warren, Democrats are changing tune on MeToo Reply

#Metoo was never anything more than a  media/corporate/Democratic Party-fueled “satanic panic” that was used to advance the interests of the left-wing of capitalism, the Democratic Party, and cultural war tribalism.  Sexual assault is a real issue and involves real crimes of aggression, but one that was merely exploited by #Metoo. The Tara Reade case shows that the #Metoo pushers were scam artists.

I tend to suspect the accusations against Biden are true. I don’t know much about the accusations of this kind against Trump, but I suspect at least some of them are true because there have been so many of them, and it just sounds like something he would do. I was more skeptical of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. As for Bill Clinton…

D.C. Bureau Chief of The Intercept Ryan Grim shares the backlash he’s received in response to Tara Reade, and weighs in on Elizabeth Warren’s statement that Biden’s denial to the claims are, “credible and convincing.”

DAM BREAKS as media demands answers from Biden on allegations Reply

It’s somewhat amusing that the presidential campaign has essentially become a contest over who is going to be the “Rapist-In-Chief.” At least the state is being exposed for what it is.

Krystal and Saagar discuss Washington Post, NYT articles that push Joe Biden to address the Tara Reade allegations himself, and look at a Daily Beast report that details women’s groups and prominent feminist figures’ universal silence over the sexual assault allegations. Discuss Vice President hopeful Stacey Abrams comments corroborating Biden based on, “NYT thorough investigation,” despite the Times making edits at Biden’s request on his past inappropriate behavior with women and girls.

Krystal Ball: Bombshell Joe Biden Tara Reade story forces liberal feminists to reckon with silence Reply

Sexual assault is a real and serious issue, but one thing that’s great about the Tara Reade scandal is that it exposes the faux feminism of “#me too” as the New Clerisy-created scam that it was.

Krystal Ball uncovers new Tara Reade evidence from Rich McHugh, who worked with Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein story, reports in Business Insider that Tara’s neighbor has come forward to corroborate her sexual assault allegations.