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Will Feminists Please Stop Calling the Cops?

I’ve noticed this over and over again. When politically incorrect crimes are involved (gun law violations, hate speech, hate crimes, rape accusations, domestic violence, this-or-that denialism, accusations of sex trafficking, right-wing rioting), the “soft on crime” progressives suddenly do an about-face and start to rival Lee Kuan Yew […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E4

Keith, Emma & RJ Game Stop vs Wall Street, Robinhood, micro-revolts in the United States, Dodger Stadium’s COVID-19 vaccination site temporarily shut down after protesters gather at entrance, Robinhood was supposed to be for the little guy, Citadel, aristocrats pretending to be friends with the peasants, rich people […]

Kick the Puppy Season 2: EP 01

Keith, Emma & RJ 01/01/21 – We’re back in business, historic spike in drug overdose deaths under COVID-19, governor Sisolak shut down Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the least sober place on the planet, Carl Jung and the origins of mental illness, Don Wells just died of […]

Hometown Hero

By Susan McWilliams The American Conservative The town of Maricopa, in the southwestern corner of California’s San Joaquin Valley, has one diner and one gas station. Its landscape is all oil wells and sagebrush, grit and heat and dust, just as it was a century ago when the […]

Covid’s war on women

Is the coronavirus a tool of the phallocracy? Not that it’s a pissing contest, but more men than women have died from COVID-19 so far. This is Rush Limbaugh-like “left parody” material here. By Ryan Heath and Renuka Rayasam Politico During this plague year, there is almost never […]

A Second Look At Religion

I greatly respect both the atheist/anticlerical tradition within anarchism as well as the Christian anarchist tradition and other spiritually-based forms of anarchism. This video makes a compelling case for the anticlerical position, at least as it pertains to the Abrahamic traditions, although these people are not anarchists, just […]