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A Fucking Good Time

From the Inferno. ____________ Ostensibly, she’s a horny, hyper-enhanced, insatiable fuckpig, ready to give hummers to all cummers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, 3 holes per session… …until the director yells “cut”, upon which she reverts to a hollow, empty, used-up […]

Hacking My Vagina

A new industry for feminists ——– Beth Making a Vibrator That Listens to Your Body This project has been an astonishing little journey. Many of my previous projects were characterized by an amazing outpouring of effort to build something highly intricate and ultimately invisible. This is the […]

Vampires Without Teeth

by R.J. Jacob

Vampirism in 19th century English literature has always been a woman’s worst nightmare, beginning with Dr. Polidori’s 1819 The Vampyre, followed by Bram Stoker’s 1897 Dracula. Women were typically assigned the role of victim, suffering tremendously to…

The progressive case against Obama

By Matt Stoller President Barack Obama (Credit: Reuters/Yuri Gripas) A few days ago, I participated in a debate with the legendary antiwar dissident Daniel Ellsberg on Huffington Post live on the merits of the Obama administration, and what progressives should do on Election Day. Ellsberg had written a […]

“Get Your Tits Out (of Our Rags)!”

My latest Infernal installment. _____________ Beware, strumpets and reprobates—the femiternalists are back! Not content with slamming their stilettos down on strippers’ faces in Iceland, these especially noxious followers of the feminist faith want to get their killjoy claws into Page 3, the most intellectually stimulating page in UK […]

You Would Do Your Will

Haywire shoots off some sparks… ________ By Rachel Haywire What if natural law rendered it so you were a woman? What if natural law rendered it so you were Jewish? What would you do in this situation? Probably your will. Picture yourself in this situation for a moment. […]

Reverse Oppression: A Fad that Needs to End

And don’t tell me it will help straight/white people understand oppression. Because if a privileged person will only hear about prejudiced issues when it comes from a privileged mouth then what is the point? I’ve said this before when we’ve had similar bullshit, how are you going to encourage people to address prejudice and marginalisation while at the same time training them that it’s only worth listening to privileged people?

Because that’s what I hear when this excuse is trawled out. Straight, white people can’t possibly empathise with a POC or GBLT protagonist so we have to present these prejudiced issues through a privileged lens, from a privileged mouth. Either by making being privileged a marginalisation like in the examples above – or by making up an entirely new, fictional prejudice. As we’ve mentioned before with the appropriation of magrinalised groups for “fantastic prejudice” where vampires/fae/witches are persecuted for not being mundane humans. This can even be doubly offensive when we mix both offensive appropriations – such as in Lost Girl – with the white Kenzi being oppressed by the Black fae for being human.

Book on Hezbollah Released Authored by Mesbah Mahjoub, a book has been released on the thought patterns of Hezbollah led by Seyed Hassan Nasrollah. IBNA: The book entails issues which have led to the success of the Muslim political party in Lebanon and in the physical and psychological wars it has […]

Masculinity Is Not Revolutionary

DGR in the United States… You must become a feminist to be a true revolutionary! By Kid Cutback Revolutionaries of many types maintain that resistance by any means necessary is required to stop momentous social injustice and environmental degradation. These activists recognize that those in power are the […]

Inconsistency Quotient

by Daniel Acheampong

Two weeks back, the state of Texas sent convicted murderer Marvin Wilson on a KCI-addled one-way trip to oblivion. News of this came to my attention via the Huffington Post, which made a big how-to about the potassium-punctured perp’s IQ. Leading with the headline “Texas Puts Man with 61 IQ to Death”, HuffPo made mention of a variety of testimonies regarding Wilson’s intelligence…

The Supreme Court late in the afternoon rejected without comment…

Beware of God-Botherers Everywhere

EMEMBERING A LOST WORLD – BEFORE THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN PHOTO: The Student Lounge at the University of Tehran in 1971. According to the New York Times, “Until the revolution, Iran was among the most cultured, cosmopolitan countries in the region. It had a progressive movement in […]

Opposing Circumcision: A Shoah Thing?

My latest from the Inferno, looking into the intersection between prepuce-pruning and PC… ____________ It pleased me to read of a Cologne court’s decision to give the legality of child-circumcision the snip. Even a crotchety old anti-statist like myself can appreciate the few laws that uphold some level […]

The Keynesian Sexual Marketplace

Interesting description of the current sexual marketplace as an artificial market. All those guys you know who screw a lot of women are Omega’s exploiting a niche produced by feminism and urban anonymity. In a tribal society these sort of guys would be killed or expelled by an alliance of alphas and betas; if they could manage to get laid in the first place….

The Last Little Abortion Clinic in Mississippi

Another good ‘un from Goad… ___________ The hoarsely ululating throats of the “pro-life” and “pro-choice” movements screamed at each other outside a small abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi last week as a federal judge cock-blocked a state lawand allowed the clinic to stay open for now. The law […]

Islam’s Role in Slavery

From TakiMag: Jim Goad on the Trans-Saharan slave trade. ___________ While filling my car with gasoline possibly derived from Middle Eastern oil, I spotted a billboard for a local clothing store called US ARABIA. Though the sign’s head-swaddled male and female models appear to be Caucasian, palefaces are […]

The Second Sexism: don’t judge a book by its press

From the New Statesman. Might be a worthy read for those interested in modern men’s issues. __________ By Ally Fog Anyone who has ever debated male-specific gender issues will probably have experienced an encounter like this: Bloke: “Yeah, but men can also be victims of violence and injustice, […]

The Way of Men: An Anarchist Perspective

by R.J. Jacob

This book could not have come at a better time. Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men is a spear through the side of the one world therapeutic tribe. Donovan incorporates his theory of masculinity into a Nietzschean critique of modernity that unveils human nature and screams WAR! in the face of feminists and professional utopians.

Donovan explores the origins of masculinity by looking at the human EEA. Different species must evolve different mechanisms in response to the imposed conditions. Donovan describes human males as a party gang species organized into male dominated gangs whose members compete and cooperate for status, women, and the greater good of the gang. The earliest male humans, comprising the genus…

Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition

From the BBC. _____________ By Owen Bowcott Julian Assange has lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden at the supreme court. By a majority of five to two, the justices decided that a public prosecutor was “judicial authority” and that therefore his arrest warrant had been lawfully issued. […]