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  1. Is Kim Iverson really that clueless? I can’t tell if she’s playing a role in presenting the tired old argument that’s been around since the 70s “you’re just intimidated by strong women”. That’s what it boils down to when she says you can’t blame feminism for what’s happening to men, it’s men’s problem in not being able to adapt to the situation.

    The problem is that she’s saying this in the context of the Johnny Depp case, where the entire point of it is that Amber Heard’s word alone destroyed an iconic actor’s career.

    While Kim Iverson’s point is a valid question to ask (at least it was in 1975, not so much in 2022) this is really not the time or place to be asking that question. In the situation this interview is taking place within, saying that it’s men’s fault is perilously close to blaming the victim.

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