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The Feminists of the Egyptian Revolution

Sponsored by University of Nebraska Press Ursula Lindsey Rape and Resistance in Egypt A new book recounts the heroics of activists who organized to protect women from sexual violence during the Egyptian revolution and to assert their right to participate in the country’s political life. Andrew Butterfield A ‘Magic […]

Highly Eccentric Characters

In the Review’s February 9, 2023, issue, Francesca Wade reviews a new biography of the enigmatic modernist Mina Loy, a poet and artist whose work has been “periodically ‘rediscovered’ while remaining elusive.” Her life was peripatetic and haunted: she had affairs with Italian Futurists, married the boxer-poet Arthur […]

Sonnets for the State

New York Review of Books Jed Perl Going to Extremes For Matisse art was a perpetual emergency, a matter of testing boundaries, breaking through. Neal Ascherson Sonnets for the State A new book recounts the history of the Circle of Writing Chekists, a group of officials in the […]

The (Not So) Great Reset

WATCH Season 3 of Love Gov: The Metaverse of Madness! Independent Institute’s award-winning web series Love Gov returns with a third season! Season 1 and Season 2 were smash hits—with over 40 million views. Now, Season 3 has already racked up over three million views since its release last fall. Each of […]

Off The Coast Of Modernity

Martin McDonagh’s poignant and hilarious parable Andrew Sullivan 8 hr ago (Jonathan Hession/Searchlight Pictures) Even by the standards of Martin McDonagh’s lifetime of work, The Banshees of Inisherin is a masterpiece. Like all masterpieces, everyone will have their own interpretation, because the layers of meaning are complex, multiple […]

The Jews and the Soviets

Sponsored by Liveright Our February 9 issue is online now, with Christine Smallwood on how to read, Gary Shteyngart on Soviet Jews, Jed Perl on Matisse’s extremes, Anahid Nersessian on Dionne Brand at the gates of beauty, Adam Kirsch on The Hours at the opera, Fred Kaplan on Putin’s […]

The Black Arts Movement

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Harvard University Press Ishmael Reed A New Flame for Black Fire What will be the legacy of the Black Arts Movement? Regina Marler Behind the Mask After rejecting the gendered fixations of the Surrealist movement, Méret Oppenheim embraced an androgynous art of […]

The Birth Of Frankenstein

For contest #357, we see a sliver of a famous body. Chris Bodenner Jan 6 (For the View From Your Window contest, the results below exceed the content limit for Substack’s email service, so to ensure that you see the full results, click the headline above.) Happy 2023! […]

2022 in Brief Encounters

New York Review of Books This year at The New York Review, we published fifty interviews as part of our “Brief Encounters” series. In these conversations with our contributors, which have covered topics are diverse as fairy tales, Michigan and Indiana, the politics of criticism, and the history of […]

Love Crashes In

Caitlin Johnstone 50 min ago Listen to a reading of “Love Crashes In”: Love crashes in from all directions, so peel me off the ground like Wile E Coyote and blow on my thumb to unflatten me. Love crashes in like an ACME anvil, like an ACME exploding […]

Gen X’s Midlife Crisis

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Sony Pictures Classics Our January 19 issue is online now, with Josephine Quinn on the alphabet, Zadie Smith on Tár, Fintan O’Toole on the dark lessons of January 6, Susan Tallman on trompe l’oeil à la cubisme, Tim Judah on Ukraine’s volunteer […]

“The Jungle” Revisited

New York Review of Books Sponsored by MUBI Alice Driver Working in Their Sleep Meatpacking workers in Arkansas, grieving loved ones lost to Covid and struggling to pay medical bills, are organizing for justice from their employer. Michael C. Dorf and Laurence H. Tribe Court v. Chatbot In a recent […]

Emancipation’s Limitations

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Classical Pursuits Sean Wilentz The Emancipators’ Vision Was abolition intended as a perpetuation of slavery by other means? Natalia Ginzburg and Alba de Céspedes On Women: An Exchange “That article of mine spoke of women in general, and said things we all know: […]

On the State of the Art With Laibach

Laibach/Current members Totalitarian governments make extensive use of the appearance of power. Banners, marches, large plenary meetings of officials, and ritual parades of devastating weapons are veritable pageants of this language, scaled up from the logic of small despots to that of mass production. Often, this is a […]

Chaos at an influencer fashion brand

Nicholas Carlson, December 9, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Well, this was a weird week! We’ve been working on an investigation into influencer Arielle Charnas’ fashion company Something Navy for a few months now. And then, all of a sudden, the popular Instagram gossip account Deuxmoi told its followers to expect […]

V.S. Naipaul’s Heart of Darkness

New York Review of Books In the December 22 issue of the Review, Howard W. French confronts the “glaring, foundational flaw” in A Bend in the River, one of Nobel laureate V.S. Naipaul’s best-known novels: “its extreme essentialization of Africa and Africans—their reduction to pure, simple, almost iconic abstractions.” […]