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New York Review of Books: Supreme Cynics

Liza Batkin Ruling by Fear The Supreme Court’s conservative justices paint a dark portrait of society, danger lurking in every shadow, to justify overturning a New York gun control law. Nawal Arjini Democracy in Concrete An exhibition of postcolonial architecture in South Asia looks back with nostalgia at […]

Riverdale actor, 24, who shot and killed his mother as she played piano says he carried out murder to spare her having to witness his plot to assassinate Justin Trudeau

By Andrea Blanco For Dailymail.Com Prosecutors said on Monday that Ryan Grantham, 24, fatally shot his 64-year-old mother, Barbara Waite, ‘to save her’ from seeing his assassination plot unfold After shooting Waite in the back of her head as she played piano in 2020, Grantham covered her body with […]

What Is Anarchist Literary Theory?

By Jesse Cohn Over the course of its history, the anarchist movement has produced a form of literary theory – a critical aesthetics and epistemology grounded in its emancipatory ethics. In sketching an outline of this body of thought, this essay attempts to call attention to several aspects […]