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The Novel Solutions of Utopian Fiction

By Kim Stanley Robinson, The Nation Climate catastrophe has transformed a minor literary genre into an important tool of human thought. Recently I read an excellent book: The Soviet Novel, by Katarina Clark. In it she observed that the USSR’s socialist realism suffered from what she called “modal […]

Breaking Points: 7/13/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss the chaos happening around the world as protests heat up, the political situation in Haiti, billionaires racing to space, the DNC’s newest censorship campaign, effects of the child tax credit expansion, white liberals fueling the culture war, corruption in the Biden administration, and more!

Breaking Points: 6/29/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar examine the airstrikes in Syria, pandemic unemployment benefits, BlackRock’s power over the US government, tax cuts on the wealthy, the life of the late Sen. Mike Gravel, cancel culture hypocrisy, America’s friendship crisis, Facebook’s monopoly power, and more! You can now watch the video from […]

Breaking Points: 6/28/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar look at the Biden infrastructure plan, a tragic building collapse in Miami-Dade, more UFO developments, huge information about the Assange case, John McAfee’s mysterious death, woke military, the rise of socialism, and more! All premium videos are available from your Supercast member dashboard under the […]

The Wretched of the Earth at 60

By Jonah Raskin, Counterpunch H. Rap Brown didn’t credit Frantz Fanon in his famed 1967 speech on violence, though he might have. He was in a hurry and cities were burning. Fanon laid the groundwork for Rap in his 1961 book, The Wretched of the Earth, which inspired members […]