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How Should the Left Think About Crime?

Adaner Usmani, assistant professor of sociology and social studies at Harvard University, joins us to discuss the current wave of violent crime in the US, the law-and-order backlashes of prior decades, and the origins of mass incarceration. The Jacobin Show airs every Wednesday at 6 PM ET and […]

How Do We End Racism in Policing?

Abolishing qualified immunity is spot on. American Civil Liberties Union The murder of George Floyd last year was another wake-up call for many Americans about racism in policing. It was also a reminder that past efforts to address racist police practices have failed repeatedly. At the time of […]

Anarchism and Crime

Solidarity Federation Anarchists are repeatedly accused by their detractors of being idealist, utopian and impractical. One matter, on which the libertarian perspective is often seen as particularly weak, is the thorny topic of crime. It would be fair to say that the “all coppers are bastards”-type polemics trotted […]

The Anarchist Response to Crime

This is pretty interesting although I’m not sure I agree on every point. By Scott, Insurgency Culture Collective In The Descent of Man, [Charles Darwin] gave some powerful pages to illustrate its proper, wide sense. He pointed out how, in numberless animal societies, the struggle between separate individuals […]