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Civility is nice, but it will only take you so far on abortion

By W. James Antle III The Week

Colorado’s Democratic governor, Jared Polis, has acquired a reputation as a bipartisan bridge-builder. He was the only Democrat ranked in the top 10 of governors by the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council. He was praised for his relaxed attitude on COVID-19 regulations after the vaccines were widely available. He talks to conservative publications.

“He’s done a great job as governor of Colorado, and I anticipate that he’ll do really well going into the future,” said Art Laffer, the famous supply-side economist from the days of Ronald Reagan who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from former President Donald Trump.

And now Polis has signed one of the nation’s most liberal abortion laws, effectively allowing the procedure for all nine months of pregnancy. As the Supreme Court prepares to take a case that could erode or overturn Roe v. Wade, red and blue states are increasingly sorting on abortion policy.


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