Category: Sexuality and the State

The War on Sex Workers

It seems like a rule that whenever government declares war on something, the problem gets worse. Elizabeth Nolan Brown is an award-winning journalist and Reason editor who writes about how hysteria around human trafficking has created a “War on Sex Workers” to complement the failed Wars on Drugs, […]

Anarchism and Sexuality

By Vishwam Jamie Heckert The themes of my academic work included the transformative power of love, the value of inner revolutions for social change, freedom, equality & vitality. I now serve as a yoga teacher & teacher trainer, poet, listener and guide to those seeking a deeper sense […]

The Gender Identity Of … Eunuchs

Or dolphins. Looking at the nebulous nihilism of transgenderism. Andrew Sullivan What is gender identity? Since this very new term is now cemented in law, corporate practice, and now medicine as well, it’s a good question. Here is an official description from HRC, the biggest “queer” lobby: One’s […]

Talking Back to the LGBT Lobby

By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness If a party that claims to be conservative cannot defend what until recently was considered social decency, it does not deserve to exist. The Hill was recently in a great huff because Twitter would not remove statements by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) […]

The tyranny of queer theory

By Mary Harrington, The Unherd Even if you’re gay, being monogamous is seen as reactionary — if not outright bigoted With hindsight, it probably was bad manners to bring a male one-night stand back to the lesbian commune where I lived. At the time, in Noughties London, I […]