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Homogamy Most Heterodox

  My latest @ Taki. ______________ Last Friday proved a more eventful one than usual in New Zealand: on top of the usual weekend hustle, the Kiwi nation hosted the wedding of one Travis McIntosh to his partner, Matt McCormick. As it took place at the hallowed rugby […]

How liberalism became an intolerant dogma

Required reading. By Damon Linker Liberals are increasingly religious about their own liberalism, treating it like a comprehensive view of reality and the human good. 351 A lot of liberals are taking things very personally these days. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst) At the risk of sounding like Paul Krugman — […]

No Cake? No Peace!

Some Gay Cake Nazis earlier today Several times I’ve seen what I assume was a hypothetical suggestion that PC elites might one day persecute a Xian bakery for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding .  Well, that day has now arrived (more or less).  The […]

The Rise of the Progressive Puritans

Jason Hurley, an acquaintance from maverick anarchist circles, offers the following insights concerning this article by Matt Walsh. Read Walsh’s article here.  Says Jason: “Matt Walsh, your entire premise is based in medicalized morality. It’s no secret that early doctors and scientists of the developing western world carried […]

For Discussion

I agree with Dr. Gabb’s comments concerning this advertisement 100%. The discuss that follows on the Libertarian Alliance blog is also interesting. By Dr. Sean Gabb Libertarian Alliance   I suspect that many of our regulars will need to pause when they see this, to wipe the vomit […]

Why Libertarianism is a Joke

The Dangerous Times Libyan Rebels celebrate village victory firing off AK47 shots as they ride out in convoy, 30 km from Bani Walid, on September 3, 2011. (CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)1 It’s not just that I think morality is non-cognitive and largely bad in most people, it’s that […]

Homosexuality in the Ancient World

Neither a sacrament nor a threat to civilization. Richard Blake Interviewed by by  an Irish Gay Magazine that was so shocked by the Attendant Vulgarity that the Magazine Cannot be Named! March 2014 You’re a historical novelist, which confuses some people when they come across it first! What […]

Totalitarian Humanism Marches On

Religious liberty is a deeply radical concept. It was at this country’s founding and it hasn’t become less so. Preserving it has always been a full-time battle. But it’s important, because religion is at the core of people’s identity. A government that tramples religious liberty is not a […]

The War on Sex Workers is Escalating

In the last couple of years, I have noticed that just as the anti-drug hysteria of past decades has started to wane and the War on Drugs is becoming more unpopular, a corresponding and comparable hysteria over “sex trafficking” has emerged to take its place and repression of […]

The Libertarian Stuff: Discrimination

By Bulbasaur TheRightStuff.Biz I. Discrimination To discriminate, or not to discriminate? That is the question. …That is to say, this is the distortion of reality presented by a modern media. Support gay sex or face gay sex in prison. The argument is typically framed as one side discriminating […]

We Can Oppose Bigotry Without the Politicians

By Sheldon Richman Should the government coercively sanction business owners who, out of apparent religious conviction, refuse to serve particular customers? While such behavior is repugnant, the refusal to serve someone because of his or her race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation is nevertheless an exercise of self-ownership and […]

Women Against The State

Attack the System Women Against the State February 1, 2014 A panel discussion with M.K. Lords, Becky Belding, Trista Rundatz, and Keith Preston about gender issues in the libertarian milieu, and wider issues facing the libertarian and anarchist movements. Topics include: Topics include: Why anti-state movements attract more […]

Is pedophilia a sexual orientation?

Toronto Star Laura Kane / Toronto Star Order this photo Dr. James Cantor of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has spent the last decade on research suggesting that pedophilia is a deep-rooted, unchangeable predisposition. Pedophilia has been widely viewed as a psychological disorder triggered by early […]

Mandatory protective eyewear in porn?

Salon.Com (Credit: Gavran333, Edward Westmacott via Shutterstock/Salon) Draft regulations currently being considered by the state of California would mandate the use of condoms on porn shoots. Sure, we’ve heard this before with the AB640 condom bill, which is currently stalled in the Senate. But this draft from the […]

Give the Kid a High Five!

Huffington Post Naomi Dixon A 31-year-old Florida woman is accused of posing as a teenager in order to have sex with a 14-year-old boy. Naomi Dixon is charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery involving a sex act with a child, according to the Daytona Beach […]

Book-burning; it’s back

John Kersey Didn’t we go through all this business of why we shouldn’t ban books fifty years ago, with Lady Chatterley? It seems that we need to revisit the issue, for the past fortnight has seen some rather disturbing suggestions that would amount to a return to literary […]

Homosexuality, Hoppe, and Time Preferences

An interesting article by a gay libertarian on the alleged “homophobia” of Han Hermann-Hoppe By Ludwig Von As a gay person who considers himself a right-wing libertarian, the “problem” of time preferences among gays (as mentioned by Hans Hermann-Hoppe) has come up a few times, enough for it […]

Contagion! The FaceBorg Equality Epidemic

My latest from the Inferno. I wonder: Have you caught the bug? _____________ Thanks to a good chunk of my Facebook friendslist, I came face-to-face with the latest meme virus to infect the social conscience. Hear those squeaky wheels, lushes and reprobates? That’s the sound of the latest […]

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

By Dr. Sean Gabb Not looking at the general circumstances, I’m in favour of gay marriage, and have been at least since I first wrote about it in 1989. If two consenting adults want to live together in close union, and can find a consenting minister of religion […]