Minnesota Vikings salute an adult star for his “service” during the game against the Cowboys

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During last week’s loss the Dallas Cowboys, the Minnesota Vikings staff were duped by someone trolling their request for a service member to be honored during their in-game “Salute to Service.”

Whoever was in charge of featuring the Salute to Service during the game failed to recognize the adult star photos despite his imagery being used in numerous military memes over the last decade.

Steven Wolfe, aka Johnny Sins, has been featured in many adult films with roles as a soldier, police officer, and firefighter. His roles have created plenty of content for social media users to manipulate into memes that entice unsuspecting people to share to “thank him for his service.”

Two weeks ago, the Vikings posted to Twitter to encourage users to suggest a service member to be honored.

“Share photos and stories of your loved ones who have served or are currently serving using #SkolSalute for a chance to win a pair of tickets.”

A Twitter user named “Kyle” used a photo of Wolfe and claimed it was his “uncle” he wanted to be honored by the Vikings.


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