Two Cheers for Nuclear Weapons? 2

Nukes have made inter-state war cost prohibitive which opens the door for the fourth-generation forces.

By William S. Lind

Traditional Right

Several weeks ago, the world got a glimpse of what future war will look like among Great Powers. The weapons were rocks and clubs.

Indian and Chinese troops battled each other over worthless ground along their undefined border high in the Himalayas. It was a classic case of two bald men fighting over a comb. But at least 20 Indian soldiers died, along with an unknown number of Chinese.

What is interesting about this skirmish is the weapons employed. Both India and China have sizable arsenals of modern weapons. They employed none of them. Instead, they fought with rocks and clubs.

I find the deafening silence over this choice of weapons, including from the U.S. military, to be interesting. It certainly should draw the attention of anyone who studies where war may be going. Why did such a bizarre scenario unfold? Because both countries have nuclear weapons.


Pentagon War Game Includes Scenario for Military Response to Domestic Gen Z Rebellion Reply

The kids are alright.

By Nick Turse

The Intercept

In the face of protests composed largely of young people, the presence of America’s military on the streets of major cities has been a controversial development. But this isn’t the first time that Generation Z — those born after 1996 — has popped up on the Pentagon’s radar.

Documents obtained by The Intercept via the Freedom of Information Act reveal that a Pentagon war game, called the 2018 Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program, or JLASS, offered a scenario in which members of Generation Z, driven by malaise and discontent, launch a “Zbellion” in America in the mid-2020s.


Report EXPOSES how Biden team profits off endless war Reply

A Biden regime will consolidate the “neoliberalism in economics/neoconservatism in foreign policy” ruling class paradigm while coopting the left by strengthening totalitarian humanism through all kind of woke legislation and policy initiatives while continuing Barr’s initiatives toward enacting greater repression against authentic enemies of the system.

St. Louis man who went viral defending his property speaks out on ‘Tucker’ 1

If opinion leaders, activists, “radicals,” BLMs, etc. are wise they will outspokenly oppose the criminal prosecution of these two. The last thing that needs to happen is for public support for repression to increase, for inter-tribal warfare to escalate, or for Red State/conservative middle-class Falangists to emerge. The Left and/or minorities will not win a civil war. Forty percent of the US armed forces are Southern working-class whites, who are heavily concentrated in combat divisions. Many others are white ethnics from the North. The conservative middle-class sectors only want order, and the liberal sectors of the middle-class (of any color) are not going to sacrifice their class interests to any significant degree, regardless of how “woke” they claim to be or think they are. While the lumpenproletariat is the natural vanguard class of an anarchist revolution, they are driven by egoism, not spartan military discipline. Think tactically, folks.

Glenn Loury: ‘We’re Being Swept Along by Hysteria’ About Racism in America Reply

A somewhat interesting interview with a leading black conservative.

I would be inclined to argue that, at present, substantial sectors of the capitalist class (including some major capitalist entities) along with their allies in the new clerisy/new class that dominates the “ideas industries” are fueling anti-racism hysteria in order to deflect attention away from the class-based nature of the insurrection. They do this because a race war is less antithetical to their interests than a class war. However, contra the Marxists and left-anarchists, it doesn’t stop at class either. Even a class war is more co-optable than a direct war against the state itself.

All of this follows an easily identifiable pattern in US history.


The Military Must be De-Funded Along with the Police 1

The USA accounts for 35% of all global military spending, most of which is corporate welfare.

By Dan Kovalik

As Vijay Prashad explains in his book, Red Star Over The Third World, domestic fascism in the West has reflected the West’s pre-existing colonial practices abroad. Citing Martinique communist Aimé Césaire, Prashad explains: “What had come to define fascism inside Europe through the experience of the Nazis – the jackboots and the gas chambers – were familiar already in the colonies. . . . [F]ascism was a political form of bourgeois rule in times when democracy threatened capitalism; colonialism, on the other hand, was naked power justified by racism to seize resources from people who were not willing to hand them over. Their form was different but their manners were identical.


Police detain armed militia members after man is shot at Albuquerque protest Reply

By Katie Shepherd

Washington Post

Protesters in Albuquerque wrapped a chain around the neck of a bronze statue and began tugging, chanting, “Tear it down,” shortly before sunset on Monday. Their efforts to pull down a monument of Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate suddenly stopped as four shots rang out.

Most people instinctively turned toward the noise, videos from the scene show. A few screamed. Just yards away, a group of militia men sporting militarylike garb and carrying semiautomatic rifles formed a protective circle around the gunman.


Top General APOLOGIZES for Trump photo-op participation Reply

The most interesting aspect of the insurrection has been the way that the actual Deep State and MIC leadership has told Trump to fuck off over the idea of using US troops to suppress the uprising. This confirms my longstanding argument that the formal political government, including the Prez, are just managers, not actual rulers.

Krystal and Saagar discuss General Milley’s apology for appearing in photo-op with Trump after forceful removal of protesters.

‘What I saw was just absolutely wrong’: National Guardsmen struggle with their role in controlling protests Reply

The regimes in the former Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites were toppled only when large numbers of rank and file military and police turned on their backs on the state. That is what has to happen in the US as well for the revolution to be successful. Anything that conflicts with this objective is tactically unwise.

By Daniel Lippman


Pvt. Si’Kenya Lynch, a member of the D.C. National Guard, was on duty at Lafayette Square near the White House last Monday when U.S. Park Police cleared the area of protesters ahead of President Donald Trump’s now-infamous photo op.

Lynch said she supports the protests, and that her brother was among the demonstrators on the other side of the line, adding that “he coughed a lot” due to the tear gas fired into the crowd.


Trump Moves to Halt Bid to Drop Confederate Names From Military Bases Reply

Once again, the pathetically limited nature of “liberal” thinking is revealed. What matters is not the names of military bases. What matters is the dissolution of the military-industrial complex, national security state, and imperialist empire for which it is the enforcer arm. Liberals typically think all of that is fine as long as it is properly sanitized, multicultural, feminized, and rainbowized. Ideally, military bases would be called “Anti-Imperialist Militia Training Centers.” However, the success of the revolution depends on the desertion, defection, or acquiescence of rank and file military, about 40% of whom are the hated southern white, and who are heavily concentrated in the infantry. Think strategically, folks.

By Michael R. Gordon, Nancy A. Youssef

Wall Street Journal

President Trump on Wednesday sought to extinguish a growing national debate over whether 10 U.S. Army bases honoring Confederate officers should be renamed.

“My Administration will not even consider the renaming of these Magnificent and Fabled Military Installations,” Mr. Trump said in a series of tweets. “Our history as the Greatest Nation in the World will not be tampered with. Respect our Military!”


Libya Unity Government Claims Full Control of Tripoli, Suburbs Reply

The Defense Post

Libya’s UN-recognised unity government said Thursday that it was back in full control of the capital and its suburbs after more than a year of fighting off an offensive by eastern strongman Khalifa Haftar.

“Our heroic forces have full control of Greater Tripoli right up to the city limits,” Mohamad Gnounou, spokesman for the forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA), said in a Facebook post.

The announcement came after GNA forces retook the capital’s civilian airport on Wednesday, more than a year after losing it in Haftar’s initial drive on the capital. The airport, in Tripoli’s southern outskirts, had been disused since 2014 when it was heavily damaged in fighting between rival militias.


U.S. Marine Corps Bans Confederate Battle Flag Displays Reply

“We’ll invade dozens of countries and kill thousands of people but we’ll be ‘woke’ when we’re doing it!”

By Jenny Gross

The U.S. Marine Corps on Friday issued detailed directives about removing and banning public displays of the Confederate battle flag at Marine installations — an order that extended to such items as mugs, posters and bumper stickers.

Current events are a stark reminder that it is not enough for us to remove symbols that cause division — rather, we also must strive to eliminate division itself,” the commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. David H. Berger, said in a statement on Wednesday.

As protests across the United States have erupted over police brutality, pressure has grown on officials to remove monuments and flags seen as symbols of racism.


Pat Robertson Goes After Trump! Reply

Conservatives shouldn’t be in favor of Trump sending out the army to suppress the insurrection because, if for no other reason, it might set a precedent where President Kamala Harris will send out the army to suppress a pro-life demonstration or NRA convention in a few years. Be careful what you wish for. Pat Robertson has always had a large African-American following so it’s not surprising he would be taking this position.

Protest demands can’t focus just on police Reply

The discussion between Saager and Max Alvarez on the relationship between class and the uprising is interesting, along with their discussion of ruling class co-optation efforts.

I have long argued that the modern left’s primary emphasis on race, gender, gay, etc. identity politics outside the context of any kind of class or economic analysis, or any kind of critique of the state or imperialism, simply has the effect of promoting tribal warfare. The police state has normally been treated as a peripheral issue that is really only a problem when racial disparities are involved.

The current insurrection is an improvement over the usual norm, because it focuses on the police state as a primary target, although in a way that still emphasizes the race angle, which may be understandable given the disparities involved, but which still creates an opening for co-option by the system by marginalizing or obscuring the class issues. “If only police were less racist…” is no solution at all. Even when you take the racial dimension out of the picture, the police state remains pervasive, as does the system of class oppression behind the police state. And then there is the Empire…


Tucker: Media ignore victims to the riots 2

Regrettably, wars produce casualties.

The present situation is not yet a conventional civil war, but it is more than simply a series of riots or a crime wave. It is a genuine insurrection, albeit one that is largely spontaneous, decentralized, and uncoordinated which is both an advantage and a disadvantage from a revolutionary perspective. It is an advantage because of its mobility, flexibility, and adaptability, but a disadvantage because there is no mechanized apparatus in place to prevent an opportunistic seizure of power in the event of a power vacuum.

Regrettably, “radicals” in North America did not listen to ATS over the past 20 years and are therefore extremely vulnerable in this area.

What we are witnessing is low-intensity fourth-generation warfare (high intensity would be something more like ISIS with medium intensity being what is presently happening in Mexico).

Tucker Carlson is perfectly legitimate in memorializing the roll call of casualties on what he considers to be his own “side” just as the insurrectionists are perfectly legitimate in memorializing the list of casualties on their “side.” That’s how war works.



Krystal Ball: Why this time with Trump really is DIFFERENT Reply

If Krystal thinks there is anything “different” about Trump, she needs to look deeper into the records of figures like Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, A. Mitchell Palmer, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Richard Daly, George Wallace, Lester Mattox, Frank Rizzo, Nelson Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan, Daryl Gates, William Bennett, Janet Reno, John Ashcroft, Joe Arpaio, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.etc. etc.