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Who Are the War Party?

A reader writes: “Keith, have you noticed how American sentiments around the war in Afghanistan seem to cut across all political affiliations? It reminds me of how Brexit cut across party lines in the UK. Against the war are the majority of the public (at least, that’s my […]

The View From Olympus: Afghanistan

Leave it to Bill Lind, the world’s leading expert on fourth-generation warfare, to succinctly describe what happened in Afghanistan. The only thing I disagree with Bill on is that the decision to leave Afghanistan wasn’t Biden’s or Trump’s alone. It was based on the prevailing consensus among ruling […]

Afghanistan: We Never Learn

By Matt Taibbi As the Taliban waltzes into Kabul, the look of surprise on the faces of top officials should frighten us most of all. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, when asked months ago about the possibility that there might be a “significant deterioration” of the security picture […]