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When did WWIII become cool?

By Tom Woods

Like many of you, no doubt, yesterday I read that Joe Biden had ordered 3,000 reservists to be ready for Europe deployments.

What did it mean?

US Senator Mike Lee of Utah shared what seems to me to be a plausible understanding of what’s going on:

I’ve been trying to figure out what this means. Bottom line up front: President Biden is arguably walking the U.S. up to the line of war and daring Russia to shoot first.

10 USC 12304 gives the President the authority to “augment” the forces of any “named operational mission” to active duty for NOT MORE THAN 365 consecutive days.

Operation Atlantic Resolve has existed since 2014 and is an official “named” U.S. military mission that deploys forces on a rotational basis mainly to the Baltic states and Poland. Open-source information on Operation Atlantic Resolve from DOD does not suggest any forces are present in Ukraine under this mission.

Since conflict with Russia and Ukraine came to blows in 2014, rotational deployments under Atlantic Resolve have been considered a backbone of deterring Russia from crossing NATO’s Eastern flank. The active-duty activation and deployment of these additional forces is a dangerous provocation, knowing full well NATO’s Eastern Flank is adjacent to active hostilities.

President Biden did the same thing at the beginning of the war in Ukraine in 2022, massively increasing our active-duty force presence when we knew hostilities were imminent. But now it’s even more risky because hostilities are active.

Not only does this run the risk of further locking us into supporting Ukraine, now the military-industrial complex will say the US military presence is THE one thing preventing Russia from crossing NATO’s eastern border & that we have to maintain such presence indefinitely.

This probably means a long-term security guarantee. Another endless war but this time by proxy. 

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson has been interviewing GOP presidential candidates at a summit in Iowa, livestreaming the event on his website, and he’s been going at them on issues like this.

So, three things, the first of which bears directly on this topic:

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