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DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: ‘Putin Could Have Warned Us’ -Russia FAILED To Use Diplomacy Before Invasion

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Life After Trump

by Peter Zeihan on January 27, 2023 Disclaimer: The following newsletters were originally published in early 2021. As the newsletter continues to grow, I will occasionally re-share some of my older releases for the newer members of the audience. The years of Donald Trump’s presidency are known far and wide. And […]

Putin at War

Fred Kaplan Putin’s Miscalculation After two decades of reforming its armed forces, Russia expected a lightning victory in Ukraine, but the ill-starred invasion has revealed their deficiencies. Joan Silber Friends: A Love Story Jean Chen Ho’s main characters like each other plenty, with all the trouble that comes […]

Why the world needs Ukrainian victory

Timothy Snyder Jan 23 Why does the world need a Ukrainian victory? 1.  To halt atrocity.  Russia’s occupation is genocidal.  Wherever the Ukrainians recover territory, they save lives, and re-establish the principle that people have a right not to be tortured, deported, and murdered. 2.  To preserve the […]

America is the new Russia

The two continental powers have strong parallels throughout history Ed West 21 hr ago This is the first in a two-part series about Russian multiculturalism There are many curious historical similarities between Russia and the United States, even if on one first glance they appear like each other’s […]

The 2nd Holodomor

by Peter Zeihan on January 24, 2023 In the 1930s, the Soviet Union attempted to crush the Ukrainians in a genocide known to history as the Holodomor.  Key to the strategy was deliberate efforts to destroy agricultural production to ensure famine. In all, 4 million Ukrainians perished. Today’s Russia […]

Rage Against the War Machine

This what leftists and libertarians should be doing. Needless to say Brana and McArdle are widely hated by leftists and libertarians. Video playback is not supported on your browser. Please upgrade. Rage Against the War Machine – #SolutionsWatch The Corbett Report 5 hr ago SHOW NOTES AND MP3: […]

Could the United States Lose Its Financial Superpower Status as a Result of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict?, and more

Here are my most recent articles for you Could the United States Lose Its Financial Superpower Status as a Result of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict? French historian and anthropologist Emmanuel Todd believes that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict could put the United State’s financial status at risk. In an interview with […]