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Neocon War Hawk Flattened in Debate

In this interview, Scott goes into a great deal of discussion of how the neocons are essentially a network of family dynasties and their associates, who collectively form a de facto Trotskyist-Zionist “vanguard” similar to the Leninist concept of the “vanguard party,” which managed to assume the leadership […]

Epitaph for the ‘War on Terror’

By Angelo M. Codevilla Independent Institute Avenging 9/11 and preventing its recurrence was justification for putting enormous effort and money into unrelated or even counterproductive activities the ruling class sold to us as antiterrorism. Twenty years after the U.S. government declared war on terrorism, it consummated its own defeat in […]

It Looks Like We Forgot

By Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative I know it’s almost October, but I’m not done with 9/11. I know we had the 20th anniversary, promised for a day to never forget whatever, and then an old-looking Bruce Springsteen rose to sing about everyone dying around him. (Read […]

Bitter Lessons from Afghanistan

By John Lloyd Quillette In his 2011 reflection on intervention, Rory Stewart offers a composite picture of a typical foreign adviser to Afghanistan before the Taliban swept back into Kabul’s Arg Palace: “James” is young, highly credentialed academically in the UK and the US, hard working, optimistic, with […]

The System and Racism

This is interesting. If you take out the conservative Protestant aspect of this piece, it could be something a Maoist/Third Worldist would write. Proto-Protestantism Recently I was talking with my son and he told me about some experiences he had on a Christian chat forum that he visits […]