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The Rape of the Afghan Boys

By Pedro Gonzalez, Chronicles Ainuddin Khudairaham held down the trigger of his Kalashnikov and kept firing on unarmed U.S. Marines until the rifle’s magazine was empty, murdering three and wounding one. The Americans had been working out at a gym on Forward Operating Base Delhi in Afghanistan’s Helmand […]

The Divorce Heard Around Washington

By Julia Ioffe, Puck News The Trump administration made strange bedfellows of the left, the media, the permanent political class, and the foreign policy establishment known as The Blob. Amid the fallout from Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the political knives are out. Say what you will about Donald […]

Neocon War Hawk Flattened in Debate

In this interview, Scott goes into a great deal of discussion of how the neocons are essentially a network of family dynasties and their associates, who collectively form a de facto Trotskyist-Zionist “vanguard” similar to the Leninist concept of the “vanguard party,” which managed to assume the leadership […]

Epitaph for the ‘War on Terror’

By Angelo M. Codevilla Independent Institute Avenging 9/11 and preventing its recurrence was justification for putting enormous effort and money into unrelated or even counterproductive activities the ruling class sold to us as antiterrorism. Twenty years after the U.S. government declared war on terrorism, it consummated its own defeat in […]