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DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: ‘Putin Could Have Warned Us’ -Russia FAILED To Use Diplomacy Before Invasion

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Why the world needs Ukrainian victory

Timothy Snyder Jan 23 Why does the world need a Ukrainian victory? 1.  To halt atrocity.  Russia’s occupation is genocidal.  Wherever the Ukrainians recover territory, they save lives, and re-establish the principle that people have a right not to be tortured, deported, and murdered. 2.  To preserve the […]

The 2nd Holodomor

by Peter Zeihan on January 24, 2023 In the 1930s, the Soviet Union attempted to crush the Ukrainians in a genocide known to history as the Holodomor.  Key to the strategy was deliberate efforts to destroy agricultural production to ensure famine. In all, 4 million Ukrainians perished. Today’s Russia […]

Rage Against the War Machine

This what leftists and libertarians should be doing. Needless to say Brana and McArdle are widely hated by leftists and libertarians. Video playback is not supported on your browser. Please upgrade. Rage Against the War Machine – #SolutionsWatch The Corbett Report 5 hr ago SHOW NOTES AND MP3: […]

In Times Like These

In Times Like These Caitlin Johnstone 1 hr ago Listen to a reading of “In Times Like These”: In times like these when nuclear warheads are being moved into position, when weapons manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand, when the pundits are making everyone stupid and crazy, […]

There Are No Innocent Americans

Caitlin Johnstone 3 hr ago Listen to a reading of this article: If the logic that “there are no innocent Russians” because the Russian people have a moral obligation to overthrow their warmongering government were evenly applied, it would also apply to Americans. Even more so, really, since […]