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Autonomous Mexico

By Thaddeus Russell, Reason What happened when some indigenous people took their lands back from the state. I first heard about the autonomous movements in Mexico from my anarcho-communist college buddies in the early 1990s. They loved the idea of indigenous people taking up arms and seizing control […]

The Darkness Visible In China

By Andrew Sullivan And the realism that requires we live with it. There’s a story in a recent Atlantic memoir by a Uyghur refugee that lingers in the mind. The Chinese authorities in Xinjiang Province now regard the possession of any religious literature, including the Koran, as prima […]

How strong is Russia?

When the US collapses and is no longer the driving force behind NATO, the two main things the Europeans will have to worry about are renewed Russian expansionism and Turkey’s neo-Ottoman ambitions. Fortunately, Russia and Turkey will be a counterbalance to each other. By Rebecca Cambell, UK Defense […]