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Ukraine will never be a part of NATO

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Ukraine will never be a part of NATO. If Zelensky honestly hasn’t figured this out yet, then he is even stupider than he acts. America never intended to adopt Ukraine as a full-blown Yankee colony. That was all just a pose designed to lure Russia into an endless quagmire and THAT is precisely what NATO wants to do with the land that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once called the Wild Steppes. The monied remnants of western civilization want to use their bombs to dig a ditch between Europe and Asia so they can stall the inevitable decent of the American Century. The mandarins of London, Washington, and Paris look upon peasants of the bloodlands with the same irreverent disdain as Hitler and Stalin. Those people are savages to them, good for only one thing, to bleed and turn their fields into a swamp of death. The people of Ukraine have every right to hate Putin for what he’s done but they are fools if they can’t see that NATO provoked this hideous neighborhood squabble and keeps it burning to destroy everyone who writes their name with the Cyrillic Alphabet. This is a Slavic holocaust and to Uncle Sam you are all the same species. Maybe it’s time to fight like one against the real enemy.

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