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An Organization Formed To Make Sure Pedophiles Aren’t Insulted?

An Organization Formed To Make Sure Pedophiles Aren’t Insulted?

I am going to respond to this video like one of those reaction videos on YouTube. It was sent to me by Buck Johnson of the Counterflow Podcast who is running for City Council in Lockhart, Texas with an eye towards using Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “What Must Be Done” strategy to fortify his local area from Federal overreach and to start privatizing State functions. You can donate to his campaign here.  I have not watched the video, so the comments below are in “real time.”

Enough with business, let’s see what kind of shit show Buck has hit me with.

OK, right from the beginning I see no problems. These people wish to help fund research into child sexual abuse protection. Ugh, I know what’s coming.

Here we go! Just looking at that panel I know I’m dealing with Leftists and I’m sorry, but the people who are openly promoting “child sexual abuse” are on the Left. Maybe they are starting to police themselves? :doubt:

Making “policy based on belief “is incorrect? I’m assuming this is an anti-Christian statement but I could be wrong.

Huh, appropriate use of Shelley’s monster, no changing him. He was what he was, a monster. Can people who want to fuck kids change? Again, doubt.


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