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Adrie Rose on the ties between TERFs, SWERFs, and white supremacy

By Cathy Reisenwitz, Sex and the State

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Choice quotes:

“I get hate mail all the time from people that are like, you’re just a whore. Well, yes, but that doesn’t make anything that I’m saying inaccurate.”

“I firmly want to be left the hell alone. I wish that the need for what I do did not exist. But it does because people like me, people like my partner, are constantly being attacked. They’re being told that they don’t deserve to live. They deserve to be in jail cells because they represent some great existential threat to children and the soul of the nation when all they’re trying to do is pay rent.”

“My feminism, I think, is far more expansive. It understands that that hierarchy does not serve me. It does not serve a lot of other women. I’m not interested in winning capitalism. The sex workers that I know are not interested in winning capitalism. They just wanna put food on their table. They just wanna pay rent. It’s so much easier to attack trans people who are simply interested in surviving from day to day for their existence than it is to address your complicity in upholding a system that makes them an underclass.”

Full transcript:

Cathy: Welcome to Sex and the State, a newsletter about power. I’m joined today by Adrie, an amazing writer on sex work and work and feminism and all kind of amazing things. We are gonna talk today about feminism obviously, and the connection between SWERFs, TERFs, and white supremacy, among other things, whatever we can get to in our 40 minutes.

Thank you so much for joining.

Adrie: Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for asking me to talk to you. I’m very excited.


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