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Of Gay Wedding Cakes and Woke Restaurants

by James Corbett
December 11, 2022

Remember the Supreme Court of the United States’ momentous 2018 decision on Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission?

Probably not, huh? But what if I say “the gay wedding cake case”? Starting to ring a bell?

It probably will ring a bell for American libertarians in the crowd, as the issue of whether bakers should be forced to bake imaginatively decorated wedding cakes became an important wedge issue in the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential forum. (Yes, seriously.)

And if you caught my 2018 interview with Patrick MacFarlane about the case, you might also remember that the US Supreme Court’s ruling was far from decisive. In fact, it punted on the core issue: whether or not a Christian baker can be compelled to bake a cake against their deeply held religious belief. As we predicted in that conversation, the Masterpiece case may be over but this issue would rear its head in the courts again.

Well, guess what? It’s 2022 and gay wedding cakes are so last decade, grandpa. Now it’s all about gay website design and woke restaurants refusing service to Christian customers.

Are you ready to get to the heart of the matter? I thought so. Let’s go!


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