Catholic youths stop protestors from tearing down saint’s statue Reply

Are the battle lines being drawn in the future inter-tribal civil war?

By Pete Baklinski

Lifesite News

VENTURA, California, June 25, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A group of courageous young Catholics surrounded the statue of a saint in Ventura, California last Saturday, placing their bodies in between Junipero Serra and the mob who wanted to tear him down.

The anti-Serra demonstrators had put out a call on social media for the June 20 event that began at 1 PM. Calling the event “Tear down Junipero Serra,” the demonstrators stated that “No longer shall we celebrate the enslavement, rape, and genocide of the original people of Ventura.”


The Cringe Fringe Left Going After Christianity is a Massive Mistake Reply

Indeed it is. What the totalitarian Left typically tries to do is ride the wave of popular rebellion to state power. But when they start attacking the religion is often when they start losing popular sympathy, and public opinion will then take a rightward turn. It happened in Hungary in 1919, in Spain in 1936, in Iran in 1979, and plenty of other places.  This is how you get the Falangists and the Revolutionary Guards.

The Mob Is Now After Baby Jesus? Reply

A major problem that leftists often have is not knowing when to quit while they’re ahead. They’re like compulsive gamblers who always end up blowing their winnings on more gambling. Few things provide more ideological/rhetorical ammunition to the right than this kind of stuff.  It’s like these folks have a conscious strategy to make themselves as hated as possible.


Angry Arminian Mob Pulls Down Statue Of John Calvin Reply

This is parody but I’ve known plenty of Arminians who would gladly do this and plenty of Calvinists who would gladly do the same. For the first 15 years of my life, I was an Arminian five days a week and a Calvinist on Sunday, lol. Kind of like the way I’m a far-left anarchist paleconservative today.

Babylon Bee

PITTSBURGH, PA—A rowdy gang of angry, riled-up Arminian believers gathered to pull down a statue of Reformer John Calvin standing in front of Calvin Reformed Bible College & Seminary, authorities confirmed Friday.

The band of Wesleyan troublemakers brought a rope, lassoed it around the neck of the stone likeness of Calvin, and yanked it down while yelling rallying cries like “Down with limited atonement!” “You’ll never take our free will!” and “For Servetus!”

Mob members then stomped on the statue and spray-painted crude Arminian slogans on the downed Reformer, according to police reports.


Major Theories Of History From The Greeks To Marxism Reply

The Blue Tribe/Red Tribe conflict is essentially a religious conflict. The Blue Tribe is a religious coalition of adherents of the neo-pagan, Enlightenment-derived religion of reason, progress, and human perfectibility, various forms of “progressive” Christianity, and secularized neo-Christianity (like Marxism). The Red Tribe is a coalition of adherents of the traditional American civil religion, and Americanized, twisted versions of traditional Protestantism (essentially the megachurch, Americanized, Zionist version of Positive Christianity), and some actual traditional religion.

By George Novack


Historical materialists would be untrue to their own principles if they failed to regard their method of interpreting history as the result of a prolonged, complex and contradictory process. Mankind has been making history for a million years or more as it advanced from the primate condition to the atomic age. But a science of history capable of ascertaining the laws governing man’s collective activities over the ages is a relatively recent acquisition.


The killer priests of the Spanish Civil War Reply

The history of the Catholic Church in Spain was similar to the racial history of the United States, i.e. a lengthy of oppression. During the 1936 revolution, leftists used this history as a license to go on an anti-Catholic rampage. Meanwhile, Catholics had their own “Alt-Right” and many, many, many “Charlottesville writ large” situations resulted. Not a good path to follow.


From 1936 through 1939, the Nationalist rebels warred against the government of the Second Republic of Spain. During the war, Francisco Franco ascended above other Nationalist generals and was recognized by Nationalist Spain — and fascist Germany and Italy — as the undisputed Generalissimo of Spain. In March 1939, the Republic of Spain surrendered to the Nationalists, ushering in Francisco Franco’s fascist dictatorial regime.


Catholic persecution in the Spanish Civil War Reply

The Spanish Civil War is Exhibit A of why inter-tribal and inter-sectarian violence and the destruction of the places of worship, sacred artifacts, historic monuments and landmarks of other sects and tribes is ALWAYS a bad idea. Also, see France, Russia, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.


The trouble had been brewing a long time, and in mid-July, it finally boiled over. Units of the army in Spanish Morocco rose up in rebellion. The Spanish Civil War had begun.

Seventy-five years later, the bloody struggle that followed from 1936 to 1939 stands as one of the traumatic events of the 20th century. Historians see it as setting the stage for World War II. As many as a million people, civilians included, might have died in a conflict that pitted class against class, ideology against ideology, unbelief against faith and left a shattered nation.

The Catholic Church was one of the main sufferers. Thousands of priests, religious and laypeople died for the faith in execution-style killings. British historian Michael Burleigh called the killing of clergy and religious “the worst example of anticlerical violence in modern history,” surpassing even the French Revolution for that dubious distinction. Of claims that the Church brought it on itself, Burleigh said, “Even then it was fashionable to blame the victims.


Jane Fonda stresses ‘even the poorest of white people have privilege’ amid anti-racism protests Reply

Rarely have I seen an illustration of what is wrong with “woke” culture that is more pertinent than this. Not only is Baroness Jane from an elite Hollywood family (the modern American equivalent of the aristocracy) but she has been a political lightning rod for 50 years (I actually agree with her position on the Vietnam War, btw). And she’s the former wife of media oligarch Ted Turner no less.

This is the equivalent of some medieval aristocratic baroness lecturing the serfs about how much more privileged they are than the slaves, and how they need to go to church and confess in their sins. From a historical vantage point, we can see that such a thing would have been absurd. In fact, if we did enough research, we could probably find that there was royalty and nobility like that back then.


White NC Cops & Civilians Wash Black Protesters’, Faith Leaders’ Feet … Ask for Forgiveness Reply

It’s not surprising this would happen in North Carolina. Footwashing is considered to be a sacrament (like Baptism or Eucharist) in some really, really low rent Protestant denominations (whose members are almost always poor whites or poor blacks). But it is interesting to see a practice that is often associated with extreme fundamentalism or low-brow evangelicalism being fused with “wokeness” culture. I’ve often said that “wokeness” is Christianity minus a Christ, and here it is. Although I suspect these folks also believe in actual Christianity as well. Not that I begrudge anyone their religious worship. “Woke” Christian cops and black activists can have their footwashing ritual and atheists can have their Sunday Assemblies.



Pat Robertson Goes After Trump! Reply

Conservatives shouldn’t be in favor of Trump sending out the army to suppress the insurrection because, if for no other reason, it might set a precedent where President Kamala Harris will send out the army to suppress a pro-life demonstration or NRA convention in a few years. Be careful what you wish for. Pat Robertson has always had a large African-American following so it’s not surprising he would be taking this position.

Rediscovering anarcho-perennialism Reply

By Paul Cudenec

An email I received after posting the quotations from Jung the other day has given me some cause for thought.
In that short blog update I referred to the ‘perennialist’ tradition and this, I now realise, needs some clarification.
I had fondly imagined that the Anarchangels booklet explained more or less what it was and how it fitted in with anarchism, but on re-reading it, I am not so sure.
I did attempt a more explicit explanation in my talk at the London Anarchist Bookfair in October, so I have gone back to those notes to try and provide the ideological context that is perhaps rather elusive in the pamphlet itself.

Trump’s Bible photo op splits white evangelical loyalists into two camps Reply

Wow. Even Rev. Pat Robertson wouldn’t back up Trump on this one.

By Matthew Teague

The Guardian

On Monday when Donald Trump raised overhead a Bible – the Sword of the Spirit, to believers – he unwittingly cleaved his loyal Christian supporters into two camps.

His most ardent evangelical supporters saw it as a blow against evil and described his walk from the White House to St John’s Episcopal church, over ground violently cleared of protesters, as a “Jericho walk”.

The Rev Johnnie Moore, president of the Congress of Christian Leaders, described Trump in shepherd-like terms on Twitter:

“I will never forget seeing @POTUS @realDonaldTrump slowly & in-total-command walk from the @WhiteHouse across Lafayette Square to St. John’s Church defying those who aim to derail our national healing by spreading fear, hate & anarchy. After just saying, ‘I will keep you safe.’”


Tribes, Tantrums, SJWs, and “The Atheist Movement” Reply

A somewhat interesting discussion of culture war politics from some left-leaning atheist folks. The more interesting parts start about 44 minutes into the discussion.

Two questions that I am sometimes asked are what would my ideal version of an anarchist society actually look like, my endorsement of pluralism aside, and what is my actual position on this-or-that topical issue of controversy?

I don’t really have an “ideal” version of anarchism in the sense of what kind of utopia I would personally prefer to live in, just like I don’t have a single restaurant that is a personal favorite, though I prefer some restaurants over others, just as I have a more favorable view of some blueprints for a proposed utopia than others.

On topical issues, I hold to a variety of far-left (anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-police, prison abolition), liberal (abortion rights, anti-death penalty, civil rights, “cosmopolitan libertinism”), centrist (balance the polar extremes), libertarian (legalize drugs, repeal vice laws), conservative (gun/self-defense rights), and far-right views (freedom of association, speech, and religion include racists, sexists, homophobes, fundamentalists, and other official bad people).  These are the positions that I think are the most consistent with the general application of anarchism as an anti-authoritarian political philosophy. But I am more interested in meta-politics than topical issues.

At the same time, I think there is a wide range of topics on which sincere anarchists and libertarians can disagree on: abortion, anarchism/minarchism, capital punishment, wage labor, animal rights, a range of ecological issues, defining ownership rights, the limits of children’s rights, immigration, inheritance, copyrights, balancing LGBT rights or church/state separation with religious liberty, legal theory, philosophical foundations, strategy/alliances, “humanitarian” interventions during threats of genocide, whether Ayn Rand was a great thinker or (my view) a psychopathic cult leader, voting, pacifism, violence, democracy vs. anti-majoritarianism, “identity” issues, tribalism, religious beliefs, the validity of conspiracy analysis, or this-or-that scientific, medical, or historical heresy. I also think anarchists and libertarians will always have to share space in the world with other perspectives and value systems (hence, the need for panarchism, decentralization, city-states, etc).


Atheist YouTube activists Shannon Q, Jimmy Snow, and Paulogia join Seth Andrews for a candid conversation about atheism, activism, religion, social justice, and the state of the world.

Against One-Dimensional Thinking 3

A somewhat amusing reference to your truly from a tweet on Goofy Gillis’ Twitter feed.

The reason this “Drunk Foxx” person cannot “wrap their head” around my various positions is that they cannot understand the concept or practice of multi-dimensional thinking. How can I be sympathetic to both left-anarchism and national-anarchism, and influenced by both far-left thinking and conservative thinking? Well, lots of reasons. My perspective was once described as “left-anarchist plus some modern tweaks brought under the ‘pan’ umbrella.” Yes, exactly.

The fact that many left-anarchists are SJW fruitbats does not negate the traditional left-anarchist critique of concentrated power, the economics of Proudhon, the sociology of Kropotkin, the value of the writings of Emma Goldman, or anarcho-syndicalism as a tactical concept, just as Carl Schmitt’s opportunistic flirtation with the Third Reich does not negate his actual approach to political theory. The fact that many Antifa-types are crust punk scumbags does not negate the Chomsky/Zinn critique of the US empire or US imperial history, just as the royalist sympathies of Edmund Burke does not negate his critique of the excesses of the French Revolution.

Regrettably, most left-anarchists are Blue Tribe loyalists first, and anarchists second. In fact, many of them represent a kind of Blue Tribe fundamentalism, a kind of Plato’s forms version of totalitarian humanism, just as their hated counterparts on the “far-right” represent a Red Tribe fundamentalism. Perhaps in the Middle East there are “Shia anarchists” or “Sunni anarchists” who are Shia or Sunni loyalists first and anarchists second. “Right-wing” anarchists are certainly not immune to this kind of thinking as well. For example, just as, in 2016, many left-anarchists veered off into “anarcho-Hillaryism” (I even encountered an “anarchists for Hillary” social media page) so did some in the an-cap and N-A milieus veer off into Trumpism.

Ironically, within the pan-anarchist paradigm, there could actually be “anarcho-Hillaryism” or “anarcho-Trumpism,” for example, a village community with a statue of the Dragon Lady or the Orange Man in the town square toward which everyone is expected to kneel every day at noon, just as there could be a “Goofy Gillis Land” (like Disneyland only with more body odor) where the primary activity is issuing hysterical tirades against “neighborhood nationalism” and there could be an “Alexander Reid-Ross Land” where Rachel Maddow videos are played 24/7 and the principal activity is preparing for a Red Dawn-like Russian invasion.

Naomi Seibt Faces Prison For Incorrect Climate Views Reply

A German teenager runs afoul of the new blasphemy laws. I consider the tribal civil war between the Red Tribe and Blue Tribe to a low-intensity variation of the traditional Catholic/Protestant conflicts in Europe during the early modern period or the Sunni/Shia conflict in the Middle East today. Each side has its own preferred version of religious or sumptuary law, (for example, laws against flag-burning for the Red Tribe or hate speech for the Blue Tribe).

The EU/NATO countries are essentially colonies of the US empire (with Western Europe being a collection of additional Blue colonies, and Eastern Europe largely being a collection of Red colonies). Just as China (an outlying province in the US-controlled global capitalist empire) is a test market for the police/surveillance state, so is Western Europe (particularly the Anglo-Celtic-Germanic-Scandinavian countries) a test market in totalitarian humanism. Naomi Seibt is the modern equivalent of a heretic who has denied a primary article of Blue Tribe orthodoxy (like denying the Trinity in a pre-modern theocratic state).

By Paul Homewood

While our attentions have been focussed on the coronavirus, something alarming and rather shocking has been going on in Germany.

You will probably be aware of Naomi Seibt, the 19 year old from Germany who has been making a name as the anti-Greta lately. Her common sense messages about global warming have not gone down well with the climate establishment, who prefer the hysterical outpourings of Greta.


National-Anarchism and Zen Buddhism Reply

By Troy Southgate

I don’t find it too far-fetched to claim that National-Anarchism is having the kind of impact – beneath the radar, in most cases – that Zen has had on Buddhism. When the purity of the latter was brought into question after its dissection into two different schools, Mahāyāna and Hīnayāna, Zen arrived on the scene to set things back on the right track.


Christian Evangelicals Dying at Alarming Rate of Corona 22

One thing that Marxist-Leninist fundamentalist Jason Unruhe regrettably ignores in this commentary is that Christian evangelicals tend to be disproportionately concentrated among the poor and working-class (including both whites and minorities) and are therefore the people most likely to be in “essential jobs” and less able to practice social distancing. Even if they are not in service industries like healthcare, grocery stores, and superstores, they are often workers who still regularly visit public restrooms, gas stations, convenience stores, etc. during the course of the workday, or who are still exposed to co-workers in warehouses or delivery centers, rather than simply working in their living room from a laptop. Also, a lot of poor households have less physical space but more people living there. Yes, a lot of clerics are hucksters, but tighten your supposed class consciousness, Jason.