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After Michel Houellebecq says native French people ‘do not wish Muslims to assimilate’ but to instead leave the country, the Great Mosque of Paris files complaint

Michel Houellebecq faces official complaint from the biggest mosque in France after he suggested Muslims leave France January 03, 2023 editor: REMIX NEWS author: John Cody The Great Mosque of Paris has filed a complaint against Michel Houellebecq, considered France’s greatest living author, after he said that the […]

The refounding of the church

To sustain our ability to stand apart from the world we must rediscover the covenant Martin Geddes 16 hr ago I go to church daily… but only with close friends, and mostly in the virtual world. These church conversations are a continuing reflection on moral matters, located in […]

Emancipation’s Limitations

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Classical Pursuits Sean Wilentz The Emancipators’ Vision Was abolition intended as a perpetuation of slavery by other means? Natalia Ginzburg and Alba de Céspedes On Women: An Exchange “That article of mine spoke of women in general, and said things we all know: […]

After Modernity: Three Possibilities

Withered Rose Dec 3 As of 2022, we live in a world of competing post-modernities. Post-modernity, a politically and emotionally charged word if there ever was one, will, for our purposes, simply mean “what comes after modernity.” This assumes an understanding of “modernity”, which is in short supply. […]

Universalism and Sectarianism

By David Pan, Telos Since today’s world conflicts often derive from competing notions of universal values, with, for instance, Islam, Russian Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, the human rights project, and liberal democracy all offering separate foundations for a universal culture, it is tempting to look for a way […]