Sexuality and the State

Author attempts to help children understand why their mothers are on OnlyFans

Women selling explicit sexual material of themselves on the internet is now so normalized, there are children’s books to explain the behavior.

The “book” in question, “Moms Only Fans: New Beginnings From Difficult Choices,” is written by comedian Bread Gosse, who is known for dark humor and “rejected children’s books.”

“Mom and dad were fighting too much,” the book begins. “So dad packed his bags. He said she was such…. A b**ch all the time. Are the words that he spoke. Now they’re divorced.”

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The story arc leads to the mother getting a Chinese character “tramp stamp,” buying lingerie, setting up a studio, opening an OnlyFans account, and sleeping with her patrons.

The book is part of an anthology titled, “Fourteen of the Most Terrible Children’s Books Ever Written II.”


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