Sexuality and the State

Talking Back to the LGBT Lobby

By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness

If a party that claims to be conservative cannot defend what until recently was considered social decency, it does not deserve to exist.

The Hill was recently in a great huff because Twitter would not remove statements by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) referring disrespectfully to gender reassignment surgery and calling Admiral Rachel Levine by her former male name. Although I’m not recommending disrespectful language, I’m also not sure that I see the reason for this indignant outburst. The Hill supposedly supports the right of letting dissenting (non-leftist) voices into the public discussion. Why is Greene not allowed to oppose gender reassignment surgery, a critical position that millions of Americans openly and passionately hold? Have we reached the point where we can no longer criticize the woke agenda without running the risk of being canceled by Twitter, at the urging of The Hill and other supposedly non-leftist websites?

Moreover, Greene’s disgust with sex change operations, and particularly the chemical castration of children, seems fully justified in my view. My own feelings on this matter may be even stronger. Greene’s use of Admiral Rachel Levine’s earlier male name, when this media darling was the male head of a traditional family, hardly borders on an outrage. Levine spent much of his/her life as a male although there is no question that Levine’s sex change provided him/her with spectacular professional opportunities, allowing Levine to become a widely televised health official in my state of Pennsylvania under a very progressive Democratic administration. The sex change may have also helped Levine reach the unlikely honor of admiral under Biden’s over-the-top woke administration.


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