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The 100 Most Powerful Women in Business

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Emma Hinchliffe

Senior writer

For 26 years, Fortune has chronicled the Most Powerful Women in Business. When Fortune first began identifying the female executives shaping the future of corporate America in 1998, there were only two CEOs on the list—because so few women were in the top job.

Today, there are 67 CEOs on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women 2023 list, published on Thursday. The 100 total women span global business, with 61 from the Americas, 23 based in EMEA, and 16 in the Asia-Pacific region. There are Fortune 500 and Global 500 CEOs, along with other influential leaders across finance, retail, tech, and even startups—as companies designing tomorrow’s world wield influence beyond their size.

One such leader is OpenAI chief technology officer Mira Murati. The 34-year-old oversees ChatGPT, the generative AI product that has lit up the business world. Murati is on the cover of the October/November issue of Fortune, with a story by Fortune writers Kylie Robison and Michal Lev-Ram that examines how Murati is shaping the future of AI—and humanity.

In a turbulent business environment, women leaders are rising to the challenge—with more power than ever before.

The 100 Most Powerful Women

Oct. 5, 2023


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