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Eliminate Taxes for the Poor

Wow. Gillis said something reasonable. Broken clock, twice a day. By William Gillis, Center for a Stateless Society If the problem with taxation is the coercion, then surely the priority of any coherent and consistent libertarian reformism on taxes should be to minimize the number of people who […]

Who owns the world?

By Kevin Cahill, New Stateman The Queen, the family of the actress Nicole Kidman, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the media tyco The world relative to its human population is quite large. It is 123 billion acres in size, of which 37 billion acres are land. This […]

The Art of the New Racism

By K. Lloyd Billingsley, Independent Institute “Certain San Francisco artists may receive $1,000 a month under a new city program, the latest in a series of universal basic income initiatives cropping up in cities across California,” writes Faith Pinho of Anybody eager for the extra $1000 might […]

Rising Debt Means a Weaker Dollar

By Stefan Gleason, Money Metals Exchange Americans appear to be growing more concerned about the skyrocketing national debt level – officially $28.1 trillion and counting. The Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s monthly Fiscal Confidence Index recently shed five points, dropping to a level of 47, in the wake of […]

A review of a collection of articles on anarchism and syndicalism in the colonial and postcolonial world, 1870-1940

A review of: Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World (1870-1940): The Praxis of National Liberation, Internationalism, and Social LiberationEdited by Steven Hirsch and Lucien van der Walt; with a Foreword by Benedict Anderson Abstract: The volume under review is a very informative and, an immenselythought-provoking […]

Michael Lind on Class Warfare

An interview with Michael Lind from January. In this episode of “Keen On”, Andrew is joined by Michael Lind, the author of “The New Class War”, to discuss the recent riots in the nation’s capital and to examine how it is that America arrived at such a violent […]

Who is Winning the Culture War?

This is an interesting discussion of the culture wars from a serious left/Marxist perspective.  My viewpoint is that the cultural left has been the hands-down winner on most cultural issues (outside of certain narrow geographical, subcultural, institutional, or socioeconomic sectors). But the economic right has been the hands-down […]

How the WWE Won and Lost its Dominance

It was out-competed by politics and corporate media? By Ben Sixsmith, The American Conservative For decades, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., and its chairman Vince McMahon have dominated professional wrestling. For most casual fans, their business is the business. The company and the pursuit can seem inextricable. It was […]

A Reflection on Left-wing Nationalism

By Robert Lindsay There have been many leftwing nationalists – the Pathet Lao, Stalin, Samora Machel in Mozambique, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, Aristide in Haiti, Correo in Ecuador, the Fernandez’ in Argentina, and of course the Chavistas in Venezuela. The IRA was left nationalist. So was the ETA […]