Category: Economics/Class Relations

The System and Racism

This is interesting. If you take out the conservative Protestant aspect of this piece, it could be something a Maoist/Third Worldist would write. Proto-Protestantism Recently I was talking with my son and he told me about some experiences he had on a Christian chat forum that he visits […]

Labor Unions and the Labor Aristocracy

In Western countries, unions have long become assimilated respectable institutions, kind of like churches or the Rotary Club. Early in my radical “career,” I held to the standard “workerist” paradigm of the Old Left. Working with real-life trade unions, socialist parties, and anarcho-syndicalist organizations cured me of all […]

The economics of anarchy

Mirko Draca of CAGE at the University of Warwick discusses the political polarisation that has emerged over the past few years over issues such as climate change and immigration. Survey data reveal the existence of left-wing and right-wing anarchist types from the late-1980s onwards, but both types appear […]

Crater Lake, and Semiconductors

By Peter Zeihan on September 17 2021 So, what does keep my up at night? The current global semiconductor supply chain. Distinct capabilities exist in separate supply chains and manufacturing bases—lower end supply from China, higher-end chips from places like Taiwan and South Korea. And a critical middle-ground from […]

Laramie, and Rare Earths

Peter Zeihan’s Sinoskepticism is a welcome counter-voice to the present efforts by the US power elite to develop a cold war with China. By Peter Zeihan on September 16, 2021 Concerns are rising over Chinese dominance in the realm of rare earths metals processing. This is a problem that […]