Category: Economics/Class Relations

Let the Apes Have Wall Street

By Matt Taibbi The much-publicized war over “meme stocks” drags a longstanding Wall Street ripoff out of the shadows, to hilarious results. On CNBC’s Fast Money last week, anchor Melissa Lee appeared to mention the unmentionable. She was talking with Tim Seymour, CEO of Seymour Asset Management, who […]

No, Small Isn’t Beautiful

The commies at Jacobin mag share Big Capital’s disdain for small business. Incidentally, I’ve seen this article criticized by “small is beautiful” leftists who were also zealous proponents of the covid shutdowns. By Matt Bruenig, Jacobin The power of big business needs to be confronted. But the solution […]

Against the Rainbow Capitalists

I advise the paleo-populists to jettison the capitalist class and conservative “big media.” By Keith Preston, Chronicles Broad swaths of conservative opinion today would have it that the enemy of the right is some variant of Marxism. But this does not accurately describe people like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, […]

Is There a Future for the American Middle Class?

This discussion between Michael Lind and Walter Russell Mead is a must-watch.  Among Lind’s observations: -The USA is actually becoming less racially polarized as more integration is taking place along socioeconomic, geographical, institutional, and even partisan lines. -More class polarization is taking place but the working class is […]

New Pluralist Vision for California

By Robert Stark, Medium The nation is caught up in a reckoning over racial justice that coincides with civil unrest and greater political polarization. In line with these national trends, California has put forth measures on racial justice grounds that include racial favoritist cash payouts, educational curriculum based […]

3 Myths About American Decline

The most immediately obvious problem with this analysis is that it ignores the rise in the expected threshold of subsistence during the time period that is being discussed. Politicians and the media are telling bogus stories about falling fertility rates, rising inequality, and supposed lack of economic mobility. […]