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Protectionism is Retarded

My own take on the question of “protectionism” is largely one of indifference. From an anarchist perspective, “protectionism” can occur on a non-state basis. It is certainly conceivable that a confederation of voluntary communities (similar to the medieval European leagues like the Lombards and Hanseatics) could have their […]

The Confucian Model

By Eammon Singleton, The American Conservative In April 1998, Sony Corporation chairman Norio Ohga made world headlines with his comment, “The Japanese economy is on the verge of collapsing.” In reality, nothing in Sony’s experience supported such an assessment. On the contrary, its business boomed right through the 1990s. More generally, Japanese industrial corporations continued to gain share from American rivals. Yet […]

The Jews and Modern Capitalism

By  Werner Sombart , Translated by  Mordecai Epstein 2015 Reprint of Original 1913 Edition. Exact facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Werner Sombart (1863 -1941) was a German economist and sociologist and one of the leading Continental European social scientists during the first […]

Columbia University Has Lost Its Way

It’s interesting how universities have become predatory capitalist corporations in terms of their business model, but Stalinist/fascist/fundamentalist regimes in terms of ideological conformity. By Katherine Frank, The Nation The Ivy League institution’s approach to the contract negotiations with its grad student workers reveals how it has evolved into […]

How Progressives Ruined San Francisco: Michael Shellenberger

The author of the new book “San Fransicko,” says the homelessness crisis is an addiction and mental health crisis enabled by policies that permit open-air drug scenes on public property and prevent police from enforcing laws Full text and links:… —————— Subscribe to our YouTube channel:… […]

The New White Flight

By Michael Brendan Dougherty National Review The white upper middle class is deranging American politics. We should have seen it coming. In 2010, America’s last famous novelist, Jonathan Franzen, launched on the reading public Freedom, his tale of a striving family headed by Walter and Patty Berglund. They […]