Progressives SHOCKED That Trump Supports Their Aid Package Idea And Democrats Oppose Them Reply

On the political spectrum, populism is to the left of neoliberalism, and social democracy is to the left of populism, which makes the Democratic establishment the “new conservatives,” with the Trumpians being to the left of them, and the Bernie, etc. progressives/social democrats being to the left of Trump.

Saagar Enjeti: Pelosi, Biden, Kamala BETRAY workers while GOP fills in the gaps Reply

For decades, I have thought that as the Republicans’ demographic base continues to shrink, and as the WASP working to middle classes continued to decline socioeconomically, that the GOP would reinvent itself (at least rhetorically) as a right-wing populist party (which would mean moving to the left of neoliberals on economic issues and becoming more like France’s National Front, for example). I have also predicted that neoliberal Democrats would essentially become the ruling class party, and face an insurgency from the left as well. We’ve already gotten a taste of that, of course, but the coronavirus crisis seems to be dramatically escalating the process. The Republicans have now shifted to the left of the DNC/neoliberals on class issues. Biden, Pelosi, etc. are the “new conservatives.”

Washington State Politicians Drop Cynical Attempt to Impose New Taxes on Gold & Silver Reply

By JP Cortez

Sound Money Defense League

Well, here’s some encouraging news.

Efforts in Washington State to impose sales tax on gold and silver were SHUT DOWN today thanks to intense efforts by the Sound Money Defense League, a group of in-state coin dealers led by Dan Duncan, and a large number of vocal grassroots supporters.

Here’s the backstory… 

Last month, a few misguided Washington State representatives introduced a measure to ban high capacity firearm magazines and establish a buyback program. These legislators planned to fund their unconstitutional gun policies with a new tax on constitutional money. 

Their cynical efforts stalled out after hearing testimony from members of national policy groups, such as the Sound Money Defense League, and in-state dealers and industry members. 

Maintaining current law and not levying sales taxation on gold and silver coins and bullion reaffirms their status as money in Washington State, in keeping with Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. 


The New Class and the Managerial Revolution Reply

What happens when you apply a Marxist ideology critique to Marxism itself? You learn a lot about the blind spots in Marxism and it turns out to reveal important insights for a realist political science of the contemporary world. Michael McConkey discusses the theory of a new intellectual/manager class, as explored in the work of James Burnham and Alvin Gouldner. The theory provides a fresh perspective on some of today’s salient events.

“Political Anarchy” Is How the West Got Rich Reply

By Ryan McMaken

Mises Institute

It is not uncommon to encounter political theorists and pundits who insist that political centralization is a boon to economic growth.  In both cases, it is claimed the presence of a unifying central regime—whether in Brussels or in Washington, DC, for example—is essential in ensuring the efficient and free flow of goods throughout a large jurisdiction. This, we are told, will greatly accelerate economic growth.

In many ways, the model is the United States, inside of which there are virtually no barriers to trade or migration at all between member states. In the EU, barriers have been falling rapidly in recent decades.

The historical evidence, however, suggests that political unity is not actually a catalyst to economic growth or innovation over the long term. In fact, the European experience suggests that the opposite is true.

Why Did Europe Surpass China in Wealth and Growth?

A thousand years ago, a visitor from another planet might have easily overlooked European civilization as a poor backwater. Instead, China and the Islamic world may have looked far more likely to be the world leaders in wealth and innovation indefinitely.

Why is it, then, that Europe became the wealthiest and most technologically advanced civilization in the world?


The Coming Global Debt Crisis? Reply

By William S. Lind

Traditional Right

A spectre is haunting the world, the spectre of a world-wide debt crisis.  Could the coronavirus epidemic in China be the trigger?

World debt levels, both public and private, have reached undreamed heights.  The United States is now running deficits of a trillion dollars a year. Other countries have higher deficits proportional to the size of their economies.  Private individuals here and elsewhere find they can only maintain a middle class standard of living by taking on ever more debt. Where does it end? In a debt crisis.