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Is the U.S. Republican Party becoming a “multi-racial, working-class” coalition?

The Signal Is the U.S. Republican Party becoming a “multi-racial, working-class” coalition? Matt Grossmann assesses the evidence for a major political realignment. Jezael Melgoza (Originally published 2022 | 05.26) Hispanic voters in America are “literally cascading into the Republican Party,” Donald Trump told Fox News earlier this year. […]

U.S. housing market to see the second-biggest home price decline since the Great Depression

Explore Fortune’s most popular stories from October Wall Street: U.S. housing market to see the second-biggest home price decline since the Great Depression How Silicon Valley’s retail revolution withered. Eight years after Allbirds and Glossier were born, VC investors say direct-to-consumer is dead 35-year-old Canva founder Melanie Perkins […]

Gen Z’s workplace revolt

Nicholas Carlson November 3, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Where’d you sleep last night? Wherever it was, it was probably more comfortable than where Twitter staffer Esther Crawford slept the other night — on the floor in a sleeping bag in a conference room. She says she and her […]

The Billionaire and the Anarchists

Crimethinc Tracing Twitter from Its Roots as a Protest Tool to Elon Musk’s Acquisition 2022-10-28 Current Events Technology Elon Musk has taken possession of Twitter, claiming he will make it “a common digital town square.” What kind of town square is owned by a single plutocrat? The square […]

Would you pay for a blue check?

Nicholas Carlson November 1, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Elon Musk is reportedly considering charging $20 a month to be verified on Twitter. As someone who is verified, my response is “Ha! Twitter and Musk can have their blue check back.” It was always a little embarrassing to have, […]

China’s blowing up its own economy

Nicholas Carlson October 31, 2022   Hello, Insiders. It’s Halloween! You’ve probably noticed the Spirit Halloween fake costume memes everywhere online. They seemingly spare no one — we’ve seen satirical costumes of everything ranging from “The Sopranos” to current affairs, including the hoax of imposters pretending to be […]

$88 million for getting fired

Nicholas Carlson October 28, 2022 Insider Today Hello, Insiders. Waking up this morning really felt like the dawn of a new day. After weeks (months!) of will-he-or-won’t-he, Elon Musk is officially Twitter’s new owner. Musk, a self-described “free-speech absolutist,” is now at the helm of one of the […]

Trump Organization on Trial

Nicholas Carlson October 24, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Former President Donald Trump’s real-estate and golf-resort empire goes on trial today in Manhattan court. As Laura Italiano and Dave Levinthal report, this is a low-level corporate fraud case. (Don’t confuse it with the New York attorney general’s $250 million […]

Wall Street’s culture reckoning

Alyson Shontell, Fortune When #MeToo became a national and international movement to bring voice and justice to women who had been sexually assaulted or harassed at their workplace, it touched nearly every industry from entertainment and news to Silicon Valley.   But one particular industry seemed to be […]

Welcome to Warehouse Nation

Nicholas Carlson October 20, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Breaking news this morning: UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned after just six weeks in office. It’s a stunning turn of events, and a big rebuke to the idea that tax cuts solve every problem, an idea that has dominated […]

For Zuck, when is enough, enough?

Nicholas Carlson October 19, 2022   Hello, Insiders. It’s starting to look like American voters choosing between a Republican-controlled Congress and a Democratic one are facing another choice: Do they want the US to continue sending as much aid to Ukraine in its fight against Russia? At one […]

Our Mad Aristos

By Joel Kotkin In the past, ruling classes sought to protect the system that secured their coveted positions. But sometimes, as in the era before the French or Russian Revolutions, some in the ruling circles stopped believing in their religion, their traditions, and their state, only to be […]

Robots want your job

Nicholas Carlson October 18, 2022   Hello, Insiders. I can’t get over how weird this economy is. I traveled over the weekend and the airports are completely packed. Data says flying is back to pre-pandemic levels. Clearly lots of people feel good about their finances and are willing […]