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Capitalism: An Archaic Critique

Posted By: Mike Maxwell 24 December 2022 This is the text of a presentation given to the Sydney Traditionalist Forum on 29 October 2022 by Mike Maxwell of Imperium Press, as part of the Forum’s “Quarterly Inquiry Series”. ♣ Friedrich List, “The National System of Political Economy” (Imperium […]

Iguanas are falling from trees!

December 23, 2022 Hello, Insiders. I’m writing to you from my not-so-sunny homestate, Florida. It’s where my parents still live, and where we’re spending Christmas. It’s unusually cold here and getting colder fast. (Apparently so cold that iguanas are falling out of trees?)   While we intended to […]

I Want an Automobile for Christmas

by Peter Zeihan on December 23, 2022 A number of changes are coming soon to the world of American automotive. NAFTA-related tariffs on foreign cars and trucks take effect in 2023 and 2024, while the Biden administration’s buy-American and buy-green policies will make electronic vehicles more affordable…assuming those […]

Kim Iversen: Billions More To Ukraine While Americans Go Hungry and Did The CIA Murder JFK?

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SBF’s ex pleads guilty

December 22, 2022 Hello, Insiders. Do you send out holiday cards? Every couple years my wife and I will — but maybe we should start sending them regularly! Because they seem like a really great opportunity to overshare and embarrass the hell out of our nearest and dearest. […]

From $800 million to bankrupt

Nicholas Carlson, December 20, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Today’s edition is packed with absolutely incredible reporting. We were among a group of publications that went to court to unseal records in a gender discrimination lawsuit against Nike — and today, we’re publishing findings from graphic employee surveys that […]

More Musk chaos

Nicholas Carlson, December 19, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Given how terrible social media can be for teenagers’ mental health, my plan for when my kids reach that age is to tell them, “Sorry, no smartphones until you’re 18.” The good news: There’s a bunch of teens in NYC […]

Labor’s Lost

By Michael Lind, Tablet What was called “the Labor Question” a century ago has returned to the forefront of public debate, thanks to highly publicized attempts to unionize companies as varied as Amazon and The New York Times, and in spite of the efforts of the flacks of […]

How stable is Binance, really?

Alyson Shontell, Fortune It’s been a bad week for crypto. And not just for Sam Bankman-Fried who was arrested Monday in the Bahamas on charges related to money laundering, wire and securities fraud, and campaign finance violations.   His arch nemesis and former mentor, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, […]

Recent hospital stay

By Tom Woods A close family member recently spent the night in the hospital, where doctors monitored her blood pressure. The bill, before insurance, came to about $53,000. It’s all right to admit that there’s something wrong with American health care. We’re not betraying the free market in […]

The Political Psychopath

From the boardroom to the war room Harrison Koehli 5 hr ago Remember Rod? TANNEN MAURY/EPA/SHUTTERSTOCK Before their research into corporate psychopathy, Paul Babiak and his colleagues raised several questions in need of answers. They are equally relevant to the study of political psychopathy and can be rephrased […]

The Great Resignation

On the Coming Standard of Living Crisis RedHawk 8 hr ago “The battle outside ragin’ will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, for the times they are a-changin’.” In 2022, the crisis facing young men has finally gone mainstream. Political pundits from all sides of the […]