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The wild lives of Google’s founders

Spriha Srivastava, December 12, 2022   Hello, Insiders. This is Spriha Srivastava, filling in for Nicholas Carlson. I’m Insider’s London bureau chief and international executive editor.   It’s that time of the year again where journalists are flooded with 2023 outlook emails — and the forecast for next year […]

Next Year in Digital Jerusalem

Technology has helped entrepreneurs launch new companies and currencies. Will it help them start a new nation? Michael Gibson August 8, 2022 Economy, finance, and budgets Technology and Innovation The Network State: How to Start a Country, by Balaji Srinivasan (self-published, 474 pp., $9.99) Israel started with a […]

Chaos at an influencer fashion brand

Nicholas Carlson, December 9, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Well, this was a weird week! We’ve been working on an investigation into influencer Arielle Charnas’ fashion company Something Navy for a few months now. And then, all of a sudden, the popular Instagram gossip account Deuxmoi told its followers to expect […]

How to fall off a cruise ship and live

Nicholas Carlson, December 8, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Our investigations team spent months and months digging into the rise of homicides targeting transgender people, creating the most definitive record to date of how and why members of this community fall victim to fatal violence at alarming rates. Their work is […]

A major controversy at MLB

Nicholas Carlson, December 7, 2022   Hello, Insiders. The year is coming to a close, so you know what that means: it’s time for end-of-the-year roundups. And I’m very excited that an incredible story by Insider’s Kelsey Vlamis was featured in Longreads’ “Best of 2022” story picks.   Kelsey’s “Disaster […]

A very polyamorous holiday

Nicholas Carlson, December 6, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Last week, I told you about my choice for word of the year: ultracrepidarian. That means someone who gives a lot of advice outside their area of expertise.   Rather than take my completely uninformed advice about what will help them market […]

How SBF played DC

Nicholas Carlson, December 5, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Gen Z has it rough. They’re taking on more debt, roommates, and jobs as a potential recession looms. I recently mentioned a story of ours about this trend, and asked if any of you all had firsthand experience with it. Some of […]

Florida pulls $2B worth of investments from BlackRock over ESG investment after DeSantis resolution

By Chloe Folmar Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis announced on Thursday that the state’s government would divest $2 billion in investments under management by financial services company BlackRock due to the organization’s strengthening Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. “Whether stakeholder capitalism, or ESG standards, are being […]

Xi is out of options

Nicholas Carlson, December 1, 2022   Hello, Insiders. Earlier this week, Merriam-Webster revealed their word of the year: gaslighting. It’s clearly an important and relevant term, but I have another one for you: ultracrepidarian.   If you’re unfamiliar, it pertains to someone who “criticizes, judges, or gives advice […]

Tech companies have laid off over 120,000 employees this year. Here’s how their severance packages compare

Fortune Dive into Fortune’s Most Popular Features Alex Cooper’s raunchy ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast reaches millions of listeners and earned the 28-year-old a $60 million deal. Now Spotify needs to keep its top female creator satisfied Inside Andreessen Horowitz’s grand plans to scale its venture capital firm into […]

Secret 9/11 memo

Nicholas Carlson, November 30, 2022   Hello, Insiders. I’m just going to say it: Go USA! Yes, I’m referring to World Cup soccer. The US men’s team advanced to the knockout stage yesterday — but not without a number of injuries to our star players. So, well, that was […]

The nanny for the super rich

Spriha Srivastava, November 25, 2022 Hello, Insiders. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.   This is Spriha Srivastava, filling in for Nicholas Carlson. I’m Insider’s London bureau chief and international executive editor. Our US team is off for Thanksgiving holiday, but our global newsrooms are still in action. […]

Gen Z’s finances are tanking

Nicholas Carlson, November 23, 2022 Hello, Insiders. Young Americans always get crushed by economic downturns. The Great Recession, for example, hit millennials with a tough job market, wage stagnation, and rising costs of living. Some are still reeling.   Now, as inflation takes its toll, young Americans are once […]