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Abortion “sanctuary cities”

Whether anyone likes it or not, pan-secessionism is indeed happening. Sanctuaries for everyone and everything. Axios Two layers of security fences have been added to the Supreme Court since the leak last month of a draft abortion opinion. Photo: Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images Some local officials in liberal […]

How It Might Should Be Done

This guy gets it.  Some of his talks are available on YouTube. Idris Robinson, Ill Will August 16th, 2020 The following is a transcript of a talk delivered in Seattle on July 20, 2020, lightly-edited by the author for readability. A video recording produced by Red May is […]

Justin Trudeau’s Ceauşescu Moment

By Matt Taibbi Denouncing truckers for “unacceptable views,” Canada’s Prime Minister skipped town rather than face evidence of his own unpopularity. Is neoliberalism finally cracking? On the morning of the 21st of December, 1989, Romanian General Secretary Nicolae Ceaușescu was in a foul mood. The Berlin Wall had […]

CIA analyst turned Democratic Rep says Canada’s Freedom Convoy is an ‘effective’ protest, believes we’ll see a trucker rally in the US SOON and urges Trudeau to reach agreement to let traffic cross the border

By Elizabeth Elkind, Politics Reporter and Andrea Cavallier and Hannah Parry For Rep. Elissa Slotkin, from Michigan, suggested the Canadian government say ‘uncle’ to the truckers in a bid to get trade going again  Six auto factories across Michigan and Canada are closing or partially closing Toyota […]

The Case for Secession

By Michael Warren Davis, The American Conservative The best reason for breaking up the states is also the most obvious: there’s way too many of them. The idea that one government can effectively govern 300 million people spread over 4 million square miles and worth about $23 trillion […]

Agora #34: Kevin Carson

Kevin Carson is by far the best contemporary left-anarchist economist. His ideas on economics are more or less what I think the dominant mode of production would look like in a world where anarchist movements achieved political hegemony on a cultural and intellectual level. Although, like Noam Chomsky, […]

Sea-Ceding in Florida

By Joe Quick, Seasteading Institute A new nation based on freedom and natural rights is currently being founded right in your backyard! If you are ready to stop arguing and start seasteading, join Atlas Island and be a part of sea-cession. Atlas Island is a clear three stage […]

A New Year One for Gotham

By Joel Schlosberg, Garrison Center As “the city that never sleeps” turned the calendar to 2022 with the inauguration of Eric Adams just after midnight, partygoers didn’t need Frank Sinatra’s reminder to “start spreading the news” heard on the New Year’s broadcast from Times Square. New Yorkers were […]

Nebraska becomes the first state to say they will NOT comply with Biden’s snooping plan to have banks report every transaction over $600 to the IRS

More pan-secessionism in action. So far this hasn’t passed. By Morgan Phillips, Politics Reporter For Dailymail.Com ‘If the Biden administration sues me, we will take it all the way to the Supreme Court,’ state treasurer John Murante said  The proposal, backed by $79 billion in additional funding, would […]

The Shock of Victory

This is a 2009 article from the late anarchist anthropologist David Graeber, who died last year,  and who was probably as influential as any anarchist in the 21st century so far. I am posting this because the third section of this piece, the discussion of anarchism in the […]

What Is Mutual Aid?

Anarchist News Mutual aid has been in the spotlight recently in light of the current crisis, but what exactly does it mean? And what makes it a powerful form of anarchist praxis unique from charity and volunteering?

Well, ‘mutual aid’ is essentially the very radical notion that co-operation, rather […]

Springtime of Nations: Tigray

By Charlie Lee Springtime of Nations When Classical Liberalism first gained prominence as a political movement in Europe and the Western Hemisphere in general, the ideology was closely tied to national struggles for independence against large empires. Aside from the liberal nature of the American Revolution, the wars […]