County board to act on 2nd amendment sanctuary next week

I am for every political, cultural, ideological, economic, identity, or issue-based group there is forming “sanctuaries” of their own.

A group of local citizens called the Vermilion County Constitutionalists have been trying since last year to have Vermilion County become Illinois’ 68th Second Amendment Sanctuary County to protect their gun rights.

An ordinance will be before the Vermilion County Board at its Jan. 11 meeting. A full agenda and information about the meeting can be found at

In a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, gun laws deemed unconstitutional by the group would not be enforced, according to Vermilion County Constitutionalists’ Phil Jackson. Jackson is pastor at OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center in Danville.

Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions have been adopted by more than 1,200 local governments in states around the U.S., according to the Associated Press last year. One organization says there are about 2,000 counties in the U.S. covered by either state or county level Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, ordinances or laws. The number represents 62.5 percent of American counties. There are 102 counties in Illinois.

The movement by guns rights advocates took off around 2018, as states considered stricter gun laws in the wake of mass shootings.

Vermilion County has a 2007 resolution about supporting the Constitution and people’s right to bear arms that was passed that the Vermilion County Constitutionalists want to update regarding taxes, levies, executive orders and emergency declarations.


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