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A Fascist Coup in 2024?

Thom Hartmann sure seems to think so. Read the thread on Twitter here. Whether what Hartmann is describing is hyperbolic and fanciful or not, I do think that a coup from the right in the US would look somewhat like what Hartmann is describing.  Efforts to create a […]

The Second American Civil War

By Paul Fahrenheidt It’s inevitable, and I’m tired of pretending it’s not. Introduction Today is July 2nd, 2022. One-hundred and fifty-nine years ago today, John Bell Hood charged up the slopes of Little Round Top at the cost of his left arm, and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain charged down […]


By Keith Preston The federal system collapses like the USSR/Warsaw Pact. Minorities of Reds/Blues are behind enemy lines. Migration like the India/Pakistan partition begins. Massive violence happens. Hundreds of warring factions emerge like Syria and Lebanon. Another possibility would be a situation like Northern Ireland during the time […]

How I Believe This All Ends

By Peter R. Quiñones Recently, a few people have asked what I believe the end game is for everything that’s happening now. Inflation, warmongering, educators grooming kindergartners – an endless stream of insanity that points to everything coming to a head. Soon. Some are predicting nuclear war. Is […]

The End of Citizenship

Americans, most of whom couldn’t find either Ukraine or Russia on the map, are getting worked up about Ukraine because the media and other entities of cultural production are telling them to do so. The “liberal” media (CNN, MSMBC), “centrist media” (ABC, CBS, NBC), and “conservative” media (FOX, […]

American Isolation

By Linh Dinh On 2/5/22, a reader, Troy, left a comment: I’ve been living alone in a subsidized apartment on a subsidized pension due to a severe tick born illness. This happened to coincide with COVID, so it’s been weird to say the least. I’ve never experienced this […]

America As The Next Northern Ireland

From 2018. Before the pandemic, the lockdown-induced recession, the BLM protests, the anti-lockdown protests, the 2020 election, and J6. By Mike Critelli On Sunday, October 21, I visited Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the first time, in advance of my Board meeting in Dublin, which began two days later.  […]