The Ruling Class Strikes Back Reply

I disagree with aspects of the ideological flavor reflected in this article. But its core thesis seems to be cogent enough. A multi-dimensional insurrection (consisting of distinct but overlapping sectors such as the lumpenproletariat, middle-class radicals, ordinary hooligans, the far left, and sectors of the far right) is being co-opted by the state and the ruling class, which fears an insurgency by the nationalist right and the authentically anti-capitalist left to an even greater degree.

By Pedro Gonzalez

American Greatness

There is no proletarian,” wrote Oswald Spengler, “not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money―and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.” What the German prophet of pessimism meant was that revolutions generally boil down to the whip passing from one hand to another equally or even more eager to exercise the lash.

The idealists tend to be blind to this and serve their new masters just as well as the ones they endeavor to throw off.


BLM Block Hospital Road Yelling “We hope They Die” After Two Cops AMBUSHED And SHOT Nearly Dying 2

It is never a good thing when people in a society start killing each other with a greater degree of frequency. But incidents of this type are the natural consequence of 50 years of economic and social policies that have turned the USA into a Third World society with First World technology. We now have the class relations and governmental incompetence of Latin America and the number of Americans who have had unpleasant encounters with members of state security forces is now approaching that found in traditional oligarchies and dictatorships as well.

The world-historical norm is stratified societies in which periodic mass rebellions and ongoing localized rebellions take place. Terrorist/guerrilla/lone wolf violence against members of state security forces are common in many societies. During the Roman occupation of the Judaic region, Zealots would engage in knife attacks on Roman soldiers. Medieval peasants would attack the king’s knights. Many Latin American, African, Middle Eastern, Pacific, and Asian countries experience this all the time, including regions within major powers like Russia, China, and India. Americans are used to living in a predominantly middle-class affluent society where political violence rare. Now that’s starting to change.

Kanye West sues to get on Wisconsin ballot after being rejected Reply

Go, Kanye, go. This is exactly what we need. More and more unhinged lunatics coming out of the woodwork to make the system look as ridiculous as possible.

By Tal Axelrod

The Hill

Rapper Kanye West is suing the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) to get his name on the presidential ballot in the state this fall.

West’s lawsuit, filed in Brown County, is asking the local court there to rule that his nominating papers were submitted on time and to ensure that he and his running mate, Michelle Tidwell, appear on the ballot in November.


Donald Trump plugs Ivanka as the first female president claiming Kamala Harris is ‘not competent’ enough for the top job Reply

A new royal dynasty is formed? This stuff just keeps getting better. At least she’d be a PILF.

By Sophie Ankel

Business Insider

  • Speaking at a New Hampshire campaign rally on Friday night, President Trump said Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is “not competent” enough to become the first female president.


The Continuing American Soap Opera Reply

By Troy Southgate

One thing people always seem to overlook with regard to the continuing soap opera taking place in America, something I am doing my utmost to ignore, is that the rest of the world is being irrevocably dragged into the same orbit. As I explained in my 2012 contribution to Volume One of Le Salon: Journal du Cercle de la Rose Noire, ‘Anti-Tradition in the Age of Iron’, the origins of those forces ranged against Tradition “can be located as far back as the ancient world. Not in the sense that the decline of Tradition can be traced back to a common point on an historical (or pre-historical) timeline, of course, because the process of degeneration has taken place within different civilisations and at different periods.


35 Best And Worst Countries To Raise A Family (You Won’t Believe America’s Ranking) 2

The US is now ranked the worst place in the developed world to raise a family, coming out ahead of only Mexico.

By Laura Begley Bloom


As if things couldn’t get worse. According to a new study from the travel website Asher & Lyric, the United States is the second worst place in the world to raise a family. The country came in at a shockingly low 34th place out of 35 countries, only beating out crime-ridden Mexico. Topping the list of best places to raise a family were countries like Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland (which was recently named the happiest country in the world for the third year in a row).

“This study has been eye-opening for me,” says Los Angeles-based journalist Lyric Fergusson, who runs the site with her husband Asher and is a mother of two. “Even as a well educated, thoughtful individual, I had become so numb to the country’s inadequacies that I must have simply disregarded my personal experience for the rhetoric of the nation.”

The husband-wife journalists—who are known for mapping out data-driven travel lists like the most dangerous places for women travelers and the most dangerous places for gay travelers—created the Raising a Family Index to rank 35 countries that are part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). “We only used OECD countries because they have reliable data in a wide range of key topics useful for this study,” notes Fergusson.


Saudi Arabia Is Just An Honest America: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix Reply

By Caitlin Johnstone

Saudi Arabia is just an honest version of America. The tyranny is right out in the open, state censorship is straightforward instead of being outsourced to Silicon Valley, the oligarchs and the official government are the same people, they don’t pretend their wars are humanitarian, and they just directly murder journalists they dislike instead of a using fake judicial system to do it.

Look at Yemen with fresh eyes and it will haunt your dreams and fill you with mountain-moving rage.

That’s why people don’t.

That’s why people should.

Steal from the wealthy and give a bit to your friend and they’ll call you a thief. Steal from the working class and give a bit to agendas you approve of and they’ll call you a philanthropist.

Placing yourself in the ideological center between two corporatist warmongering parties doesn’t make you a centrist, it makes you a corporatist warmonger.

Watching liberals fake enthusiasm for Biden/Harris is like watching women fake enthusiasm in really gross porn. Come on darling, you’re clearly only in this because you’re badly traumatized and got manipulated into an exploitative situation where you felt like you had no choice.

Hillary lost because she was a shit candidate and her supporters didn’t phone bank enough. If Biden loses it will be for the exact same reasons. Stop trying to blame a small, powerless slice of the political spectrum which has nothing in common with you and your shit candidates.

You know how liberals have spent four years screaming at you for not voting for Hillary, and how it doesn’t bother you in the slightest and you relish the taste of their tears? FYI that’s all they can do if you refuse to vote for Biden too.

People only ever think you’re wrong to reject mainstream politics and media because they have no idea how fucked things really are.

It’s not the most famous mainstream media lies that do the most damage. It’s the little ones they tell many time every day via spin, omission, half-truth and distortion which cause everyone to accept the idea that this bat shit crazy status quo is normal and inescapable.

The powerful use ideologies as tools to manipulate mainstream narratives to their advantage. Religious fundamentalism, Zionism, racism, anti-racism, liberalism, conservatism; they’ll use anything they can. Pay less attention to the tools and more to what they’re being used for.

Racists and QAnoners will follow you around and keep talking to you like they’re your friend even while you verbally abuse them. Leftists will write you off forever the instant you say something they don’t like. This dynamic helps someone, and it ain’t the left.


Trump Isn’t the Worst President, But He is the Most American 2

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Donald Trump is the worst president in American History! That seems to be the downright unanimous opinion of every left wing wonk from here to Noam Chomsky, and I might have a bit more respect for the view if these throngs of progressive intellectuals weren’t so goddamn smug about it. After all I’ve never been particularly tame in my criticisms of the son of a bitch myself. His penchant for pure evil is pretty well documented. Any human being who fucks with children the way he has at the borders deserves things I can’t publicly advocate without being shipped off to Gitmo. As if that weren’t enough, his role in the ongoing genocide in Yemen, the ethnic cleansing in the West Bank, and the downright apocalyptic baiting of Iran and China should make it crystal clear to anyone with half a working soul that Donald Trump is a world class bastard in the first degree. But the worst president in American history? I don’t know, the Donald has some pretty stiff competition there.


The Boogaloo Movement Is Not What You Think 2

This is a comment from an Antifa-oriented social media page:

I have a comrade who was monitoring the Boogaloo pages before they got taken down and said they were very pro-gay, pro-black, etc, just very accelerationist and anti cop. I cant wrap my head around it. They had a very incel vibe IMHO.”

This is exactly what we need. Hardline anti-System extremism that fully rejects any last vestiges of “law and order” conservative statism while completing shedding any affinity for culture war/race war/tribal war/civil war politics. We need a Boogaloo right of the kind described above and a Bolo’bolo left of the kind described in the adjacent post, and for these tendencies to eventually bend toward each other. Build the Boogaloo-Bolo’bolo Axis!

The “Booglaoo” movement would at this point seem, at least in some ways, to be the most advanced of any “extremist” sector in US fringe politics in terms of their overall thinking. In order to build an authentically revolutionary movement in North America, two things have to happen. First, the revolutionaries must shed any last remaining attachments to the system. That rules out the archaic American patriotism of many on the far-right and the “anarcho-Democratic Partyism” of many on the far-left. Perhaps some of these folks will move toward an actual revolutionary perspective at some point in the future, but for now, they are still too much under the residual influence of “Systemism.” Second, the revolutionaries must shed any attachment to the idea of a racial, cultural, tribal, ideological civil war. There cannot be even a hint of this among the actual revolutionaries. Unfortunately, most supposed “extremists” have not abandoned this idea at all, and often enthusiastically endorse as much, thereby making themselves into nothing more than parodies and caricatures of the Red and Blue tribes.

More so than other far-right tendencies, and most far-left tendencies, the Boogaloos seem to understand this if their recent public pronouncements and actions are any indication.


How ‘V for Vendetta’ predicted 2020 Pandemic, Civil unrest, 15 years ago Reply

By Samantha Murray

Almost 15 years have passed since V for Vendetta was released, but the movie’s version of 2020 still manages to reflect the real 2020. V  for Vendetta takes place in a world that is of course much more grim than ours. 

In the film, the U.S is in the middle of fighting a second civil war while fighting off a virus with the rest of the world. Meanwhile in the UK, where most of the story takes place,  is a police state and its crazed leader attempts to keep order through strict surveillance, control of the media, and by sending anyone deemed undesirable to concentration camps.

The 2005 film follows Evey, a young woman working for the tv news station, and her involvement with a masked man known as V. When she becomes targeted by the police, she is forced to go into hiding with V.

At some points, it becomes hard to ignore what seems to be this semi prophetic version of 2020. A pandemic, civil unrest, problematic media, and crazy leaders can sometimes seem like a mix of problems unique to this year, but movies like this remind us that these problems have always had a place in society.

In 2005, the UN warned of Avian flu becoming a devastating pandemic, surveillance under the Patriot Act sparked fear across the U.S, and stop-and-frisk still was acceptable in New York City. While the year 2020 may have been a lucky guess on the part of the writers, the Wachowski Brothers, these fears and trends have not subsided after 15 years.

Despite addressing social issues that still have yet to be dealt with, the filming and editing style feels dated. The constant cuts over to unimportant things are poorly executed and make the movie feel more all-encompassing, which distracts from the main action. Watching the over the top news personalities with the Londoners especially feels over the top and like it’s hand-holding.


Trump: Tinpot Dictator? (w/ Noam Chomsky) Reply

This is an excellent interview. Chomsky really puts the phenomenon of Trumpism in context in this interview. In recent years, Chomsky has at times gone off the deep end with hyperbolic comments but he doesn’t drop the ball in this one. It is good to hear Chomsky distinguishing Trump’s pro-plutocratic authoritarianism from fascism’s cult of the state, and Sanders’ New Dealism from Marxism.

Imagine if Israel’s Likud Party and El Salvador’s ARENA  relocated to America, united as a single party, and then adopted Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi as their leader, and you have a near-perfect picture of what the Republicans actually are. The Republic Party ultimately cares about only three things: the class interests of the right-wing of the ruling class, the profit margins of the arms merchants, and the expansionist agendas of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Florida man arrested, charged with murder after fatally shooting Burger King worker over drive-thru delay, police say 2

Florida Man is back! I hadn’t heard much about Florida Man for a while.

Jessica Flores


A Florida man was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Sunday for fatally shooting a Burger King employee over a delay with a drive-thru food order, officials said.

Kelvis Rodriguez, 37, was charged with first-degree murder with a firearm, destruction of evidence and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.


The Ten Core Demographics Revisited Ten Years Later Reply

Ten years ago, I identified what I considered to be the “ten core demographics” that proponents of the ideas we discuss here at ATS will have to reach in order to eventually find the Holy Grail. The original piece is available here. It is interesting to evaluate the status of each of these ten demographics (which are really collections of sub-demographics) a decade later in light of the current uprising. Here is where things seem to stand. The parts in italics are from the original piece.


Will ‘Law and Order’ Win Trump Reelection? Reply

This interview contains my general take on the great lumpenproletarian cultural revolution of 2020 from a Howard Cosell perspective.