Category: American Decline

How America Fractured Into Four Parts

By George Packer, The Atlantic People in the United States no longer agree on the nation’s purpose, values, history, or meaning. Is reconciliation possible? Nations, like individuals, tell stories in order to understand what they are, where they come from, and what they want to be. National narratives, […]

3 Myths About American Decline

The most immediately obvious problem with this analysis is that it ignores the rise in the expected threshold of subsistence during the time period that is being discussed. Politicians and the media are telling bogus stories about falling fertility rates, rising inequality, and supposed lack of economic mobility. […]

The Future of the United States?

These are my basic thoughts on what the future of the USA is likely to look like: Direct American military interventionism is likely to become less common, with the use of international institutions, client states, mercenaries, proxy armies, “dollar diplomacy,” soft power, cultural imperialism, economic sanctions, etc. as […]

The Elites Have Failed

By Sean Illing, Vox One of the greatest challenges facing democratic societies in the 21st century is the loss of faith in public institutions. The internet has been a marvelous invention in lots of ways, but it has also unleashed a tsunami of misinformation and destabilized political systems […]

The End of America?

What has been the most interesting is the way that so many “progressives,” many of the same people who often talk endlessly about “fascism,” have often been the same ones who are the most eager to embrace all of this without question or hesitation. By Naomi Wolf, American […]

The Inherently Inefficient Union

By Ally Marie McLean When it comes to efficiently allocating resources, the United States federal government usually gets in the way. In his article “The Use of Knowledge in Society,” F.A. Hayek argued that the smaller and less centralized organizations are, the more efficient their economic activity will […]

Is the US Going the Way of Afghanistan?

By James Bovard, Ron Paul Institute Acrimony and recriminations continue to swirl around the 2020 presidential election. Three out of four Republicans believe that there was “widespread fraud” in the election, while Democrats have sought to turn criticisms of the election into a “Big Lie” heresy against democracy. Senior congressional […]

The Coming Intra-Left Civil War

The USA is rapidly becoming a society that has the social norms of the Western European ruling classes but the class structures of Latin America.  This situation will likely lead to more civil unrest in the future, along with populist movements with demagogues of their own, left and […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E5

Keith & RJ Study claims vaccines saved 37 million lives mostly children over the past two decades, anti-vaxxers are growing, backlash to over-medicalization, the complexity of the immune system, a long history of human poisonings, paranoia and the American tradition, criticisms of scientism, SpaceX Starship SN9 explodes during […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E4

Keith, Emma & RJ Game Stop vs Wall Street, Robinhood, micro-revolts in the United States, Dodger Stadium’s COVID-19 vaccination site temporarily shut down after protesters gather at entrance, Robinhood was supposed to be for the little guy, Citadel, aristocrats pretending to be friends with the peasants, rich people […]