Category: American Decline

US social fragmentation at multiple scales

By Leila Hedayatifar, Rachel A. Rigg, Yaneer Bar-Yam and Alfredo J. Morales Despite global connectivity, societies seem to be increasingly polarized and fragmented. This phenomenon is rooted in the underlying complex structure and dynamics of social systems. Far from homogeneously mixing or adopting conforming views, individuals self-organize into […]

Prophets of American Decline

By Declan Leary, The American Conservative On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump opened his administration on an unusually (but appropriately) bleak note. Surveying the decline ongoing all over the nation, the new president promised better days ahead. Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities, rusted […]

Mars Ascendant

By William S. Lind, Traditional Right By “Mars Ascendant,” I do not mean the little green men who pole their gondolas along the planet’s peaceful canals are about to invade and conquer earth. I refer to a different Mars, Mars the god of war. I think he is […]

The View From Olympus: Afghanistan

Leave it to Bill Lind, the world’s leading expert on fourth-generation warfare, to succinctly describe what happened in Afghanistan. The only thing I disagree with Bill on is that the decision to leave Afghanistan wasn’t Biden’s or Trump’s alone. It was based on the prevailing consensus among ruling […]

The American Dream of Secession

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley Do you smell that, dearest motherfuckers? Secession is in the air and not just among freaky anarchists like me. From coast to coast, from border to border, Americans of all stripes, shades and sizes are openly discussing and […]