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A Sanctuary City for Crime

I have no problem with the idea of New York City being a sanctuary city for crime. By all means, turn NYC into a Stirnerite homeland where theft is just another economic activity.

By Charles Fain Lehman, Wall Street Journal

Manhattan’s new district attorney undercuts Mayor Adams’s initiative to make New York safe again.

Eric Adams took office as mayor of New York promising to get crime under control. He has his work cut out for him in Manhattan, where the new district attorney, Alvin Bragg, began his tenure by instructing prosecutors not to do their jobs.

In a Monday memo, Mr. Bragg announced a dramatic curtailing of the office’s prosecutorial agenda. Prosecutors will “make incarceration a matter of last resort,” with a strong presumption against jail or prison for offenses other than murder, armed violent felonies that cause serious injury, domestic violence, sex crimes, public corruption, racketeering and white-collar crimes. For anything else, most arrestees will likely be released, many on their own recognizance. Even for the most serious crimes, outside “exceptional circumstances,” prison time will be capped at 20 years—no life without parole for terrorists or cop killers.


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