The Supreme Court, and the Prospects for National Divorce

While Jeff Deist may theoretically be in favor of a “national divorce,” he was opposed to CHAZ/CHOP leftist enclave when it emerged in Seattle. Fortunately, Walter “Defending the Undefendable” Block called him out on that. The bottom line is that if there is going to be a “national divorce” there is going to be lots of un-proprietarian things going on just as there will be lots of politically incorrect and un-woke things going on. Kshama Sawant may well succeed in turning Seattle into a Trotskyist city-state. So what? Lockean universalism is just as nonsensical as Rousseauan universalism.

Tom Woods Shows

Judge Andrew Napolitano recently featured Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute and me on his podcast Judging Freedom. We discuss the Supreme Court decisions regarding vaccine mandates, and where American society is likely to go from here.


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