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CHAZ Memorial and Support Video

A Maoist memorializes CHAZ. In some ways, I generally considered having supported CHAZ to be something of a litmus test that separates authentic anti-systemists from pro-systemists. Notice that CHAZ was suppressed by the city government of Seattle, arguably the furthest left of any local government in the US, […]

In the Autonomous Zones

By Ezra Marcus New York Times At first they called it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. In early June, protesters aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement took over six city blocks of a gentrified Seattle neighborhood. There, activists screened films, served spaghetti, painted murals, held vigils and […]

A Libertarian Defense of CHAZ

By Stratton J. Davis Ever since the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) was created in Seattle, it has been a prominent subject of discussion for many. The question usually being discussed is whether we should support it or not. While those on the left seem to be in […]

As It Should Be…

I first started developing the ideas that I would later come to call “pan-secessionism in the mid-1990s after notice the emergence of the “right-wing” antigovernment movement associated with the militias, sovereign citizens, tax protestors, and other similar groups. Of course, much of the left and certainly liberal opinion […]

Revolution from the Bottom Up

When I was an orthodox left-wing anarchist, one of the things that eventually led to my present heterodox positions was the observation that every leftist revolution in which anarchists participated led to the repression of the anarchists by authoritarian leftists, or by right-wing reactionaries who managed to gain […]

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone established in Seattle

Police have retreated from Seattle’s East Precinct and protesters have established an autonomous zone in the neighborhood. Following Monday’s retreat of police and national guard, protesters have begun erecting barricades after a week-long blockade of the East Precinct. Read more about it at Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

Exiting Anarchist Politics: Pan-Anarchism in Action?

The eco-villagers, exitarians, panarchists, radical anc-aps/agorists, national-anarchists, bolobolo fans, democratic confederalists, startuppers, intentional communards, neo-tribalists, PLEers, SEZers, crypto-anarchists, seasteaders, smart citiers, new urbanists, micronationalists, and Benedict optionists all have some interesting ideas that might fit under the paradigm of pan-anarchism, from far left to far right, and spanning […]

A History of Decentralization Jun 11, 2019 14 minute read (full) First let’s decentralize history… This month’s thematic has been a real challenge for us and raised many questions in our minds. Why? The history of decentralization is complex and non-linear. But most of all, it is difficult to be considered from […]

11 Micronations in Europe You Never Knew Existed

This needs to become a global trend, like McDonald’s. By Harry Stewart The culture trip. We’ve all heard of places like Liechtenstein and the Vatican, tiny European nations with minuscule populations. Yet these are internationally recognized states—actual countries, if you will. Even more bizarre are Europe’s micronations: quirky […]

How to build your own country

By Joe Quirk CNN If you’d like to live in a country that caters to your values and lifestyle, why not build your own? Nearly half the earth’s surface is a blue frontier over which no country holds sovereignty, and startup cities that float permanently in international waters […]