A leading California secession advocate got funding and direction from Russian intelligence agents, US government alleges

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  1. Keith good seeing you again – we did an interview together on California secession. I worked closely with Louis Marinelli for years until we split half a year ago.

    Would you like to do another show together Keith?

    -What is important to note is that the Yes CA the organization was already investigated FOUR TIMES…see bottom
    -Three Federal investigations found no evidence of – YesCA coordinating with a foreign government…see bottom
    -One State investigation found no evidence of – money from a foreign government.
    -This fifth investigation by the DOJ is not looking at YesCA – because we were already cleared – but is focused just on the person of Louis.
    -This is because the organization was already investigated over many years and they found nothing. so they had to focus the investigation on a person because they found nothing on the organization.

    Additionally Sacramento Bee – recognized this and choose to admit it:
    QUOTE from Sac BEE:
    “Yes California also posted a video on Twitter denying any ties to Russia, noting that court papers do not identify the group by name and playing video from the Valentine’s Day 2018 rally to show it was a small, peaceful event that did not gain entry to the governor’s office.”

    We already made two videos documenting this:


    April 2019 – DOJ Mueller Report = no evidence any “US Persons knowingly” coordinated with IRA.

    Sept 2019 – Senate select intelligence committee “IRA coopted unwitting Americans”

    Jan 2020 – CA FPPC Case No 2018/1101 – Subpoenaed bank accounts for allegations of “laundered foreign contributions” that ended with “allegations have been disproven”

    May 2020 – House permanent select intelligence committee review of advertisements from 2015,2016,2017 = no evidence of Yes CA being part.

    Were you aware that the Sacramento Bee also talked about this story and CHOOSE NOT TO USE THE SAME TITLE AS Business Insider. Rather after viewing the official Yes California statement in response to these allegations – they went with “”Did Russia provide funding and support for booster of California secession movement?” by Sam Stanton, Aug 1 2022, Sacramento Bee.

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