How Do We Win?

By Peter R. Quinones

Anyone who has been following me since my Rightward turn knows that one of the main strategies that I have been promoting is becoming politically active on the most local level specifically concentrating on Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “What Must Be Done” strategy. The speech is available in print and audio. I comment on it here. In the simplest terms, Hoppe talks about getting enough people elected at the local level that you begin to the process of privatizing public services to the point where very little or nothing is government controlled/owned. He calls this his “10,000 Lichtensteins” strategy which has implications that I won’t get into here. I will mention that employing this strategy in predominantly Blue areas is near impossible at this juncture. I’m sorry. The point is, if you want an order that is not majority controlled by a monopolistic State, starting with the smallest chunk of it, the local government, makes more sense than taking on the Leviathan of the 202-area code.

Leaving the strategy of how this is done aside, the question always arises as to how the local population will respond when a small minority has technically “infiltrated” and commenced making drastic changes to the status quo. I believe 90% will “go along to get along.” History – and especially recent history – shows that the overwhelming majority of people will accept change as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them too much.



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