Inside Liberland, the Balkan micronation becoming the first country to be built in the metaverse

By Lisa Gibbons

What do a strip of abandoned land, a former Czech politician, and virtual reality (VR) have in common? The answer is the self-declared Balkan micronation of Liberland.

First founded in 2015, it’s poised to further its ambitions of statehood with the development of a brand new metaverse.

Liberland will be the first country to be built and inhabited in the virtual world first in anticipation of its realisation in real life.

What’s more, world-renowned architectural firm, Zaha Hadid Architects, has been working on a vision for a virtual city that will provide a home for the swelling ranks of the country’s citizens.

Although it isn’t a formally recognised country, Liberland has 7,000 approved residents with 700,000 more applications for citizenship being processed.

Wedged between Serbia and Croatia, the 7 km2 territory – which is larger than Vatican City or Monaco – is disputed land and claimed by neither country.

Liberland has been steadily growing its international reputation since its foundation by former Czech MP – and the micronation’s current president – Vit Jedlička and his partner Jana Markovicova.


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