Keith Preston vs. the System (and Right and Left Libertarianisms)

Many people seem to have a problem placing me on the political/ideological spectrum. This is understandable because I do not take an ideological approach to political analysis but prefer an empirical approach instead. Ideologies are like camera lenses. You can put on a different lens if you want to view the picture from a different angle or vantage point, but you’re still not necessarily getting the complete picture.  If someone were to read a random quotation from any of my writings, depending on what they were reading at the time, they might think I am far-left, far-right, liberal, conservative, moderate, right-libertarian, or left-anarchist. I probably hold at least one opinion somewhere that overlaps with all of these vantage points. Below is a collection of links to writings and podcasts of mine from over a period of around 20 years where, depending on the piece, you could potentially place me all over the political and cultural spectrum. However, the consistent theme in all of these pieces is attacking authoritarianism wherever it appears. The sum total of all of these writings and podcasts amounts to an extreme left-anarchism that borrows liberally from a wide range of other ideological currents and brings all of it under the wider pan-anarchist/anarcho-pluralist theoretical framework and pan-secessionist meta-strategy and tactical framework.

The core objective is and always has been the overthrow of imperialism through the smashing of the central government and power elite apparatus that is its nucleus.

I would say that time has vindicated most of my views on these questions. Today, libertarianism and anarchism in all of their various forms have more or less fractured into collections of appendages to one or the other tribe within the framework of ruling class-led culture war politics.

A Critique of the Founding Conference of Love and Rage (1989)

How my feud with the left-anarchists began.

The Last Minority (1999)

A defense of what is now called “sex worker rights” long before it was fashionable.

Anarchism or Anarcho-Social Democracy (2001)

Calling out the Chomskyites during the anti-globalization era.

The Political Economy of the War on Drugs (2001)

Attaching the incipient totalitarianism of the drug war at the dawn of the George W. Bush era.

Conservatism Is Not Enough: Reclaiming the Legacy of the Anti-State Left (2001)

Explaining why conservatism is insufficient for an aggressive anti-statism.

Why I am Not a Cultural Conservative (2002)

Criticizing paleolibertarianism.

Canning Reactionary Leftism (2002)

Criticizing the left-fetishism of the left-anarchists.

In Defense of Libertarian Absolutism (2003)

Opposing centrist-libertarianisms support for bourgeois morality.

Purging the Anarchist Movement of Reactionary Liberal Influences (2005)

Opposing the hyper-political correctness of the left-anarchists.

Why I Choose to Collaborate with Racialists and Theocrats (2005)

Explaining why outreach to enemies of the system everywhere is necessary.

Beyond Conservatism: Reclaiming the Radical Roots of Libertarianism (2005)

Defending left-libertarianism against fusionism.

Why I Choose to Collaborate with the Criminal Underworld (2005)

Taking lumpenproletarianism seriously.

The New Totalitarianism (2007)

Where I first outlined by “totalitarian humanism” thesis

Should Libertarianism Be Cultural Leftism Minus the State (2008)

Attacking the “thick libertarians” and their embrace of PC culture.

The Fruits of Anarchist Anti-Racism (2009)

Criticizing the racial pathology of the left-anarchists.

Is Extremism in the Defense of Sodomy No Vice? (2009)

Attacking authoritarian tendencies in the LGBTQ movement.

Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat (2009)

Recognizing the lumpenproletariat as the class vanguard.

Why the Radical Left Should Consider Secession (2010)

Explaining why the radical left would be among the primary beneficiaries of pan-secessionist action.

Moving to the Left of the Left: The Case for Pan-Anarchism (2013)

Attacking the Left from the furthest left. Ironically, this podcast was recorded during the height of my collaboration with the Alternative Right.

Resisting the Police State: The Case for a Coalition Against Consensual Crimes (2014)

Attacking overcriminalization as the foundation of the police state.

Against the “Anti-Fascist” Creeps (2017)

A critique of anarcho-fed Alexander Reid-Ross and the antifa ideology.

The Lumpenproletariat as Class Vanguard: Why Anarchists Must Attack the Left from the Left (2017)

Calling for a new “radical left” that is rooted in the lumpenproletariat rather than the respectable working class, and which attacks the conventional left as a co-opted and assimilated tendency that is in need of opposition from the further left.

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