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The State As An Establishment Cult

Our Timeless Existence Imagine state-run churches with mandatory tithes and taxes. Imagine the state licensing clergy. Imagine the state allowing “alternatives” to their state run church system, but only if they are licensed, approved, and regulated to be a mirror of the state run church system. Imagine attendance […]

Anarchism: Giving form to autonomy

Anarchist News If revolution is permanent in the sense that its “final” form is already anticipated in its initial outlines, it also must be permanent in the sense that it is never completed, always relative, and that in it victory and failure are one. Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Adventures of […]

Beyond Left and Right

Anarchist News Inspired by an anews thread that included a “you’re a leftist,” “no, you’re a leftist” back-and-forth, let’s talk about anarchists using terms like Left and Right, even as derogatory terms. These are boxes, part of a model, that has never helped us, and now is so […]

Ronn Neff RIP

This guy once wrote a (favorable) review of one of my books. By Jacob Hornberg, Future of Freedom Foundation After several months in the hospital battling complications from COVID-19, The Future of Freedom Foundation’s longtime copy editor and friend Ronn Neff passed away last evening. Ronn was 72. […]

Forbidden Thinkers and Their Forbidden Works

This is a good overview of right-libertarian-oriented thinkers.  As everyone probably knows, I don’t endorse the right-libertarian or an-cap philosophies exclusively, but I consider them to be part of the wider anti-authoritarian paradigm. Tom Woods In one of my favorite interviews ever, I run through a lightning round […]

Neo-Malthusianism and eugenics in the struggle over meaning in the Spanish anarchist press, 1900-1936

By Jorge Molero-Mesa This article analyzes the debate on neo-Malthusianism and eugenics in Spanish anarchist publications in the first third of the last century. Using theoretical frameworks that have been under-utilized thus far, it provides new interpretations of what the term ” eugenics ” meant in pro-anarchist neo-Malthusian […]

The best books on Anarchism

By Ruth Kinna Sometimes vilified, often misunderstood, rarely taught in universities, anarchism is a political philosophy and social movement that’s far removed from today’s mainstream politics. But it was and remains a powerful motivator. Political theorist Ruth Kinna talks us through the best books to read to get […]

The economics of anarchy

Mirko Draca of CAGE at the University of Warwick discusses the political polarisation that has emerged over the past few years over issues such as climate change and immigration. Survey data reveal the existence of left-wing and right-wing anarchist types from the late-1980s onwards, but both types appear […]

The Boogaloo movement has a new strategy

These guys appear to be an actual on-the-ground, pan-anarchist, pan-secessionist movement. And whether left-wing anarchists like these guys or not, left-wing anarchists who are developing mutual aid networks of their own or creating separatist movements like CHAZ are in the club as well. I suspect that as pan-secessionist […]

The Anarchist Spirit

By Marina Sitrin, Dissent Many popular movements around the world today oppose hierarchy and embrace direct democracy. This is a spirit that we should applaud and help to flourish. There is not much of a global anarchist movement today. At the same time, since the 1990s, many popular […]

No Cheers For Anarchism

A debate on anarchism appeared in Dissent, which is a social democratic magazine, a few years ago. This is the anti-anarchist perspective. By Sheri Berman Anarchists are better dreamers than doers. A successful movement requires compromise, organization, and leadership to actually get things done. What are the uses […]