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A Schematic Anarchism: Anarchism-in-General

From Libertarian Labyrinth by Shawn P. Wilbur For me, the last few years have involved a rather public renegotiation of my relationship with anarchism—and more specifically with the possibility of an anarchism-in-general that is not just a jumble of incommensurable theories with some superficial resemblances. I have most […]

Envisioning a Utopian Anarchism

By Ian Mayes, Parenthesis Eye I’ve noticed a pattern that I have. Every few years I feel the need to publicly re-think and re-clarify what exactly it is that I personally believe regarding anarchism. This usually corresponds with me affixing a new anarchist label to my beliefs and […]

“The Lighter Our Task, the Heavier our Burden” An Ethnography of Political Dissidence among Punks and Anarchists in Indonesia

By Louis Gerald Plottel Punk and anarchism, as lived practices that espouse antiauthoritarianism and prefigurative politics as their guiding principles, share a close affinity. Yet, the political value of punk has tended to be overlooked in favour of the punk “identity.” This paper considers the overlapping politics of […]

The Challenge of National-Anarchism

By Adam Ormes  Nowhere News (Originally published in Tribes Magazine, 2018) “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. This principle is, contempt prior to examination.” – Attributed […]

160 Years of Libertarian Writers

An interesting discussion of historic anarchism, including an interesting, occasionally insightful, but IMO overly negative critique of Murray Rothbard. Anarchist Writers Many men, I know, speak of liberty without understanding it; they know neither the science of it, nor even the sentiment. They see in the demolition of […]

What Is Anarchist Literary Theory?

By Jesse Cohn Over the course of its history, the anarchist movement has produced a form of literary theory – a critical aesthetics and epistemology grounded in its emancipatory ethics. In sketching an outline of this body of thought, this essay attempts to call attention to several aspects […]

Anarchism and Critical Security Studies

By Chris Rossdale My research sits at the intersection between international relations theory and the study of resistance, looking at the ways in which our understandings of international politics shift when we begin from the perspective of radical social movements. My major research programme to-date has looked at […]

For Post-Statist Geographies

By Anthony Ince This article critically investigates past and contemporary treatments of the state within geographical scholarship. We propose that there is a silent statism within geography that has shaped it in ways that limit geographical imaginations. Statism, herein, refers to a pervasive, historically contingent organisational logic that […]

Neoanarchism and the New Spirit of Capitalism: From Alterglobalization to Occupy Wall Street

By Blair Taylor From Alterglobalization to Occupy Wall Street: Neoanarchism and the New Spirit of Capitalism The Research Group on Post-Growth Societies, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Tuesday, September 29th This talk will present an overview of my doctoral research, which examines how political transformations within left social movements have helped […]

Realism, Utopianism, and Radical Values

By Paul Raekstad One of the more debated topics in the recent realist literature concerns the compatibility of realism and utopianism. Perhaps the greatest challenge to utopian political thought comes from Bernard Williams’ realism, which argues, among other things, that political values should be subject to what he […]

Anarchist Theory and Archaeology

By Bill Angelbeck, Lewis Borck, Matthew Sanger The theory of anarchism primarily concerns the organization of society in a way that fosters egal- itarian or equitable forms of association and coop- eration and resists all forms of domination. An anarchist perspective involves an awareness of, and critique of, […]

Why Be Anarchist?

A reader writes: I think you make an absolute mistake of allowing your silly anarchistic tendencies to blind you into being anti-American just for the sake of it and this is a terrible way to start objective analysis. History has a track record of overturning the analysis of […]

From Stirner to Mussolini

The “anarchist abduction” story from 1910 described in this article sounds like the idiotic drama that goes on in anarchist circles today. By William Gillis, Center for a Stateless Society Review: The Anarchist-Individualist Origins of Italian Fascism In 1910 Luigi Fabbri and Armando Borghi abducted an anarchist woman […]

Anarchism and the Archaeology of Anarchic Societies: Resistance to Centralization in the Coast Salish Region of the Pacific Northwest Coast

By Bill Angelbeck and Colin Grier Throughout human history, people have lived in societies without formalized government. We argue that the theory of anarchism presents a productive framework for analyzing decentralized societies. Anarchism encompasses a broad array of interrelated principles for organizing societies without the centralization of authority. […]