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Leftism Against Anarchy

By No-Wing Anarchy, Medium The Bolshevik “betrayal” of anarchists during the Russian Revolution is a commonly known, and almost overly debated instance where anarchism has come into open and bloody conflict with leftism. There is no end to the accusations of murder at Kronstadt, or in Ukraine, and […]

Is It Time for an Anarchist Army?

In the developing world where armed struggle is viable and, often, actually taking place, yes. In the USA, an “anarchist army” would merely be a bunch of dumbasses who ended up shooting themselves or getting taken down by the feds after falling into some kind of entrapment scheme. […]

Anarchist Anti-Imperialism

Anti-imperialism is a means of attacking concentrated power generally, breaking up empires, and attacking the largest states, which are usually the worst states in terms of their overall level of predation. The proliferation of more countries is a stepping stone toward abolishing states generally. However, is that sometimes […]

What is anarcha-fascism?

Notice that the prefix is “anarcha” not “anarcho.” Diversity of thought is a first principle of serious anarchism. An introduction to anarcha-fascist thought. Written by me, Ally Marie McLean. Narrated with help from LOVO. You can find more of my writing at Attack the System. Bitcoin donations are […]

No Kings, No Plutocrats

Most leftists are actually pretty weak on the state, from Noam “I’d like to see the power of the federal government increased” Chomsky downward. It’s like medieval peasants who thought the king was going to save them from the landlords. Most libertarians are terrible on capitalism: “The state […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E5

Keith & RJ Study claims vaccines saved 37 million lives mostly children over the past two decades, anti-vaxxers are growing, backlash to over-medicalization, the complexity of the immune system, a long history of human poisonings, paranoia and the American tradition, criticisms of scientism, SpaceX Starship SN9 explodes during […]

Perspectives On Anarchist Theory

AK Press Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is an essential journal published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies (an organization established to support the development of anarchism, and copublishers with us of the “Anarchist Interventions” series). The journal includes recent essays by IAS-supported writers and translators, features with anarchist […]

The Bernie Sanders Paradox

Murray Bookchin’s critique of Bernie from 1986. By Murray Bookchin, Anarchist Library The posters that appeared all over Burlington — Vermont’s largest city (pop: 37,000) in the winter of 1980–81 were arresting and provocative. They showed an old map of the city with a label slapped across it […]

The Failure Of The State And The Rise Of Anarchism In Contemporary Anti-Systemic Praxis

By Morgan Gibson The centrality of anarchism to the praxis of contemporary anti-systemic social movements has been well documented. From the alter-globalisation movement to Occupy, many contemporary anti-systemic movements are defined by their commitment to some of the central tenets of anarchism, including the pursuit of decentralized, directly […]

Make the Future Anti-Fascist

I strongly disagree that the Trump administration was “fascist,” as opposed to “neo-Nixonian.” But that’s just me. By Darian Worden, Center for a Stateless Society A victory over fascism deserves celebration. The fascists lost their hold on the most powerful political office. Their leader is disgraced and isolated. […]

Biden and the Demonization of Anarchism

By Eric Fleischmann, Center for a Stateless Society This year, in response to nationwide protests against police brutality, President Donald Trump has repeatedly attempted to associate Black Lives Matter with anarchists and anarchism. He has tweeted such threatening posts as just the phrase “Anarchists, we see you!” with […]

Hoppe on the Lockdowns!

Hans Hermann Hoppe is interviewed by Thomas Jacob, Mises Institute Thomas Jacob: Professor Hoppe, you are known as a critic of the state and of political centralization. Doesn’t the coronavirus prove that central states and central government regulations are necessary? Hans-Hermann Hoppe: On the contrary. Of course, the […]

A New Paradigm Is Sorely Need

This is an excerpt from something I wrote 18 years ago. I haven’t seen anything yet to change my mind. The history of human civilization can be divided into three primary phases when considering the evolution of political institutions. The first of these involves an idea that might […]


On January 7th, individuals and groups connected with the National-Anarchist Movement were permanently removed from Facebook after being wrongly connected to events in Washington D.C. the previous day. Ironically, several hours earlier, many of us had openly distanced ourselves from the riot that took place at the Capitol […]

Toward a Machiavellian libertarianism

By Peter R. Quinones I’ve been contacted by many people who have heard me talk about Machiavellianism but have no clear understanding of what I’m trying to communicate. As we weren’t taught this in government schools, that’s understandable. This is information that “the powers that be” benefit from […]

Techno-Capitalist Feudalism

  With blunt unvarnished realism, it is high-time anarchist-communism steps out from amongst the shadows and finally asserts itself as the most viable revolutionary option and antithesis to totalitarian-capitalism, that is, techno-capitalist-feudalism. After its 150 year long-march, through dense theoretical jungles, voluminous analyses, and multiple pragmatic interventions, anarchist-communism […]