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Anarchy Is A Scale-Independent Proposition

Anarchists against decentralization? Human Iterations There’s a particular narrative–surprisingly common in certain corners of the anarchist scene–that no one has really bothered to call out and so has grown rather fat and comfortable over the last few decades. It goes something like this: Thinking or acting from a […]

Betrayal, Vengeance, and the Anarchist Ideal: Virgilia D’Andrea’s Radical Antifascism in (American) Exile, 1928–1933

By Lorenza Stradiotti A contribution to histories of women in the interwar transnational antifascist movement, particularly radical exiles, we focus on VirgiliaD’Andrea, a noted Italian anarchist exile from fascist Italy who spent her final exile in New York, 1928–33. An intellectual, writer-poet, and orator belonging to a small […]

Transnational Feminism’s Radical Past: Lessons from Italian Immigrant Women Anarchists in Industrializing America

By Jennifer Guglielmo This article examines the activism of working-class Italian immigrant women anarchists in the United States as a window into the world of early-twentieth-century transnational feminism. Emerging from a diasporic, multiethnic network of labor radicals, the women in this movement did not seek inclusion within the […]

Watching the Drift

Back during the Ron Paul era, there was a growth of interest in libertarianism/anarcho-capitalism, although many of the newer libertarians eventually veered off into the alt-right (and some going the other way toward SJWism). The Bernie Sanders thing seems to have inspired a renewed interest in socialism, including […]

Caught between Internationalism, Transnationalism and Immigration: A Brief Account of the History of Anarchism in Egypt until 1945

By Costantino Paonessa  Laura Galián Anarchism first appeared in the Southern Mediterranean countries at the end of the nineteenth century with the immigration of European workers and political exiles. Despite the important role anarchists played in introducing radical and revolutionary political thought in Egypt, only historians Anthony Gorman […]

Anarchism: A General Formula

Anarchist News From Libertarian Labyrinth by Shawn P. Wilbur The interval between the interruption of the “Margins and Problems” survey and the appearance of this first draft-section from the Constructing Anarchisms manuscript has been considerably shorter than expected—a pleasant surprise after the slow going of the last month […]

Deconstructing Anarchy

Anarchist News The following text was first delivered as a talk during Anarchē, a two-day conference curated by the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin. Here Italian philosopher Donatella Di Cesare explores the possibility of releasing the anarchic ontology concealed within the anarchist tradition. 1. Although sometimes tempered […]

Majorities and Minorities

“That the mass bleeds, that it is being robbed and exploited, I know as well as our vote-baiters. But I insist that not the handful of parasites, but the mass itself is responsible for this horrible state of affairs. It clings to its masters, loves the whip, and […]

Crossing the Color Lines, Crossing the Continents: Comparing the Racial Politics of the IWW in South Africa and the United States, 1905-1925”

By Peter Cole In two of the planet’s most highly racialized countries, South Africa and the United States, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, or “Wobblies”), were remarkable. A key revolutionary syndicalist current operating globally, aspiring to unite the world’s working class into a revolutionary One Big […]

Every Flag Is Black in a Fire

An interesting collection of writings from anarchists on the meaning of the black flag. Crimethinc In the following selections, a range of authors and artists from across a century and a half reflect on the meaning of the black flag, the anarchist standard of rebellion and negation. READ […]

Anarchism: Vignettes Against Hobbes

This is a story about medieval Maghribi merchants, Kalahari San Bushmen, American ranchers, Arctic Inuits, Pygmies, The Semai, and Wisconsin businessmen. For people wanting more stories like these you should read Elinor Ostrom’s “Governing the Commons”. She was the first woman to win the Nobel prize in economics, […]

Bakunin’s heirs in South Africa: Race and revolutionary syndicalism from the IWW to the International Socialist League, 1910–21

By Lucien Van Der Walt ABSTRACT The historiography of the socialist movement in South Africa remains dominated by the interpretations developed by Communist Partywriters, and this is particularly true of the left before Communism. This article defines the key arguments of Communist writers regarding the left in the […]

Anarchism and Syndicalism in an African Port City: The Revolutionary Traditions of Cape Town’s Multi-Racial Working Class, 1904-1931″

By Lucien van der Walt This paper examines the development of anarchism and syndicalism in early twentieth-century Cape Town, South Africa, drawing attention to a crucial but neglected chapter of labor and left history. Central to this story were the anarchists in the local Social Democratic Federation (SDF), […]

Defanging Authoritarian Ideologies

Recently, I posted the following comments on social media in response to the Confederate flag/monuments ongoing controversy: But what is the American flag to people all over the world who have been conquered, subjugated, killed, maimed, impoverished, etc. by Americans? The fixation on the Confederacy seems to be […]

The Disreputable Phoenix: A Transnational History of Propaganda by the Deed

By Axel Corlu This dissertation explores the connections of anarchism and violence, especially in the form of propaganda by the deed. The existing scholarship on this subject either focuses on national/ethnic units, or subsumes it under the dubious heading of “terrorism.” I aim to present an inclusive, transnational account and analysis of anarchist violence in proper […]

Anarchism Reloaded

By Uri Gordon The contemporary reemergence of anarchism on a global scale deserves serious attention from students of ideology. As the defining orientation of prominent activist networks, anarchism today is the principal point of reference for radical social change movements in the North and represents a mature and […]