They’re Shoving the Answer in Our Face’s

It appears the path of least resistance is to be avoided at all costs in this modern day. It’s not a stretch to believe people or groups purposely complicate issues they may be tasked with performing so as to highlight how crucial their existence is. I find the answer to most problems to be simple, but MOST people refuse to accept that conclusion because they CANNOT come up with their own.

In what seemed like a combination of sincerity and showmanship, Dilbert creator Scott Adams famously told the world DURING a livestream that he wanted to be as far away from black people as possible. He gave his reasons and dealt with the consequences. Was he sincere? Maybe? I assume Scott has enough money that he already did what most black people do when they get some level of wealth: move as far away from the ghetto as possible.

Not to be out-attention-whored, Robin DiAngelo, author of the insane book “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,” was reported to have said:

“People of color need to get away from White people and have some community with each other,” she said in the March 1 webinar entitled, “Racial Justice: The Next Frontier.”

She, of course, didn’t face the backlash that Adams did, but nobody who pays attention would expect that.

This brings me to the recent Christian school shooting in Nashville. A female, who allegedly sometimes identifies as a male, is reported to have entered a school she formerly attended with two rifles and a handgun, opened fire, and killed three students under 10 years old and three adults who worked there. Social media has exploded over this one, with several people commenting that trans people need to be separated from the rest of the population (this is coming from both sides of the issue).

How much clearer does the answer to the irreparable divisions that have manifested in our society need to be? Two popular figures have given us the answer, along with thousands of others, in reaction to a tragedy that didn’t have to happen. People of similar values must be allowed to find their tribe and form clans, cities, or micro-nations. I don’t care what they’re called, but I see the writing on the wall and I hear the shouting from the rooftops. After the Twitter posts I shared on Wednesday, how can anyone not absolutely consumed by nostalgia deny the answer is to separate from those they view as lunatics? If we do not separate into groups of like-minded people, the divisions will continue to multiply, and the danger of remaining together will grow. We MUST do this for survival’s sake.


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