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Misunderstandings About Censorship

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2023 Legalizing drugs and regulating them similar to beer, wine, and alcohol won’t end abuse or accidental deaths, but it will make those outcomes less likely. – Robert Louis Stevenson HORNBERGER’S BLOG November 13, 2023 Misunderstandings About Censorship Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times published an […]

Trump’s rhetoric

Today’s best articles Is a Georgist land tax the fix to Detroit’s housing crisis? Trump’s latest speech gives new urgency to an old dilemma ‘An unpopular president and a popular party’ Advertisement by Hims ED treatment options that are 95% cheaper than the name brands with Hims Should […]

11/13/23: US Warns Israel Seeks Regional War, Krystal and Saagar Debate Israel Hospital Tactics, Israeli Minister Plans Nakba 2023, Elon Warns Of Terror Blowback, Ukraine Admits Blowing Up Nordstream, NYC Mayor FBI Raid, Real Estate Industry Free Fall, Elites Caught In High End Brothel

Krystal and Saagar discuss US warning that Israel is pushing toward a regional war in the Middle East, we discuss the tactics of the Israeli military attacks on Al Shifa Hospital, Elon warns of terror blowback, Ukraine admits to blowing up the Nordstream pipeline, NYC Mayor Eric Adams […]

Financial freedom’s reality

November 11, 2023 • 5 min read with Diamond Naga Siu It’s the weekend, friends! Scientists finally solved the centuries-long mystery of where a starfish’s head is.   In today’s big story, I’m exploring something equally mysterious to me: How people who have achieved financial freedom got there, […]

Unmarried to the Mob

FEATURED Unmarried to the Mob After the ex-wife of a Trump Organization insider talked to prosecutors, she lost her children and her home. But she’s still fighting. JOAN WALSH FROM THIS ISSUE Biden’s Quagmire: Israel, Gaza, and Those Really Scary Polls The data shows that 66 percent of […]

11/9/23: Krystal And Saagar REACT To Wildest Republican Debate Moments, Biden Endorses Gaza Occupation, Combat Footage Emerges, Republicans Cope Over Lost Elections, Tucker Shocked By Right Wing Censorship

Krystal and Saagar discuss the 3rd GOP Debate’s Winners and Losers, Biden endorses Gaza occupation, Insane Combat footage from Gaza, Republicans cope over lost elections, and Tucker is shocked by the right wing hypocrisy over free speech with Palestine. (0:00)Intro (2:11)Wild Moments From Third GOP Debate (23:04)Republican Debate […]

11/8/23: Abortion And Weed Win In Ohio, Youngkin Humiliated In Virginia Elections, Tlaib Censured For Palestine Support, Zelensky Begs For Credit From US, RFK Surges In 2024 Swing States, And Third GOP Debate Preview

Ryan and Emily discuss abortion and weed winning in Ohio, McConnell ally goes down in Kentucky, Youngkin humiliated in Virginia, Rashida Tlaib censured over pro-Palestine statements, Zelensky begs for credit promising to pay back the US, shocking poll has RFK surging in swing states, and Ryan and Emily […]

11/7/23: Attacks On US Troops Escalate, Israel To Occupy Gaza Indefinitely, CNN Admits Censorship, Fetterman Shouted Down By Protesters, Trump Melts Down Amid Trial, Obama Team Flips On Biden, Cramer Admits Defeat By UAW, And Key Elections Today!

Krystal and Saagar discuss attacks on US troops exploding in the Middle East, Bibi saying Israel will occupy Gaza indefinitely, CNN admits censorship live on air, Fetterman shouted down by protesters, Trump melts down after wild court testimony, Obama strategists flip on Biden, Jim Cramer admits defeat after […]

Cease-fire skepticism

Today’s best articles Why are some experts skeptical of an Israel-Hamas cease-fire? The latest poll for Biden sparks uncertainty among Democrats ‘It’s time to talk seriously about Iran’ Advertisement by Hims Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is difficult to treat. Learn more. 5 tips for taxpayers to keep their information […]

11/6/23: US Sends Nuclear Sub To Middle East, Israeli Minister Calls To “Nuke Gaza”, Obama Nonsense On Israel, DC Protestors Reject Biden, Biden Losing Five Swing States, Secret Push For Russia Peace, Mint Budgeting Retired, Virginia Elections

Krystal and Saagar discuss the US sending a nuclear submarine to the Middle East as the Biden administration continues to be humiliated in it’s conversations with Israel, an Israeli Minister calls to “Nuke Gaza”, Obama speaks nonsense on the Israel Palestine crisis, the Breaking Points team hits the […]

11/2/23: US Plans Troops In Gaza, Biden Panics As West Bank Explodes, Republican Says There Are No Innocent Palestinians, Zelensky Called Dictator By Former Aide, Poll Shows RFK JR Surge, Tesla Freaks After UAW Wins, Biden Arab Support Plummets

Krystal and Saagar discuss secret plans to have US troops occupy Gaza, Biden panics as West Bank explodes, Republican denies existence of innocent Palestinians, Zelensky called a dictator by former aide, poll shows RFK Jr support surging, Tesla and Toyota freak after UAW wins, Biden support among Arab […]

11/1/23: Israel Bombs Refugee Camp, Yemen Launches Attacks On Israel, Biden’s Doubt Of Gaza Casualty Numbers Exposed, West Bank Settler Violence Explodes, Key Abortion And Weed Elections, Hawley Moves To Overturn Citizens United, And Rand Paul Joins To Discuss His New Book On Covid Origins

Ryan and Emily discuss Israel admitting they bombed a Gaza refugee camp, Yemen escalates attacks on Israel, Ryan exposes Biden’s lies on Gaza Health Ministry credibility, West Bank settler violence explodes, key elections coming up on weed and abortions, Josh Hawley pushes to overturn Citizens United, and Rand […]

More Denial about Another Mass Shooting

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2023 Thus, in the deepest sense, the American Revolution was a conscious majority revolution on behalf of libertarianism and against power, a libertarian ideology that stressed the conjoined rights of “Liberty and Property.” The American Revolution was not only the first great modern revolution, it […]

10/31/23: Bibi Rejects Ceasefire and Resignation, New Hostages Video, Leaked Doc Reveals Empty Gaza Strip Plan, Speaker Wants IRS Cuts For Israel Aid, Ukraine Admits Stealing, Surveillance On College Campuses, Iowans Sour On Vivek, PBD Confronts DeSantis Heels, Gili Roman Brother Of Israeli Hostage

Krystal and Saagar discuss Netanyahu rejecting calls for ceasefire and resignation, Hamas puts out a new hostage video, Leaked docs reveal Israeli plan to empty Gaza strip, New Speaker puts out plan to cut IRS funding for Israel Aid, Ukraine admits to “stealing like there’s no tomorrow”, Biden […]

Weekend Blackout

Weekend Blackout Plus: Russian riot, Hasan Minhaj vs. The New Yorker, the Nancy Pelosi haunted house, and more… LIZ WOLFE Ground invasion: Over the weekend, Israeli forces entered Gaza, starting the ground invasion they had been preparing for since October 7, when Hamas terrorists entered Israel and killed 1,400, most […]

10/30/23: Bibi Calls For Biblical Wipeout In Gaza, Erdogan Threatens War, Russian Mob Hunts Jews, Israel Losing TikTok War, New Speaker Flip Flops, Pence Drops Out, New Dem Primaries Biden, UAW Wins, Televangelists Push Holy War

Krystal and Saagar discuss Netanyahu declaring a Biblical Wipeout of the Gaza strip as the invasion and death toll mounts, Erdogan holds a rally in Turkey threatening War with Israel, a Russian mob swarms an airport hunting for Jews, Israel loses the information war on Tik Tok, New […]