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Law and Coercion

The Caring Fist of the Therapeutic State Enlightened Despot 10 hr ago In my last Lex Cast essay, I looked at what gives a legal regime its ostensible authority and the types of legal authority identified by Max Weber. Legal authority was deified by Lord Lloyd in his […]

The Power-Mad Utopians

A great column from Mike Lind. One thing I would add to this is that while the two “utopian” tendencies he critiques, neocons and wokesters, may be ostensible rivals, the two currents have since merged to a considerable degree on the shared grounds of anti-Trumpism and Russophobia. By […]

The Woke Reformation

Watch the first seven episodes of The Woke Reformation as one long film! I combined these episodes since I had written them as an arc. I’ll be releasing more episodes soon. This series features Peter Boghossian, Douglas Murray, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Niall Ferguson, Asra Nomani, Helen Pluckrose, James […]

Strange Deep State Bedfellows

By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness How long can the alliance between the surveillance state and what looks like an increasingly lunatic ruling class last? ictor Davis Hanson’s recent mordant comments about the degree to which the FBI will go to influence elections and its shameless defense of this […]

Freedom News Digest: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2022 Cancel Culture’s War on History, Heritage and the Freedom to Think for Yourself

Some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness <b>positively</b> by uniting our affections, […]

The Woke Grift

My conversation with narcissism expert Sam Vaknin on the characters and businesses that profit from victimhood Michael Shellenberger We tend to think of the people, and businesses, supporting Black Lives Matter, LGBT rights, and climate change advocacy as altruistic. They aren’t doing it for fame or fortune. They’re […]

No, the Revolution Isn’t Over

None of the fundamental drivers of “Wokeness” have relented N.S. Lyons Jan 18 “Long live the victory of Chairman Mao’s revolutionary line!” At least in the Boswash (the corridor of East Coast establishment power running from Boston to Washington), using January to make public predictions about the year […]

The Quiet Desperation Of Woke Fanatics

What’s driving them? And how can they be defeated? Michael Shellenberger Protesters with “Just Stop Oil” after throwing tomato soup at Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” in London, October 14, 2022. (Photo Credit: Just Stop Oil.) “The fiercest fanatics are often selfish people who were forced, by innate shortcomings or […]

PC Watch 8/15/22

Stratton J. Davis 2 hr ago Inspired by the original “PC Watch” written by the great Lew Rockwell in the 90’s, this is the inaugural edition of a column I will be contributing to my great friends over at Checkout their site as they are continuously knocking […]

Why Marxism is Anti-Woke

There seems to be a lot of concusion both on the American right and left about the relationship between Marxism and wokeness. Right-wingers think Wokeness is Marxist, and so do American leftists. The reality is that Marxism and wokeneness and Marxism are completely incompatible.

Video: an honest conversation

‘I think of Ireland as a Woke equivalent of Ceausescu’s Romania, 1989. Okay, you don’t have people disappearing . . . YET — though we get threatened on an industrial scale.’ — Craig Fitzsimons John Waters It’s not us, it’s them . . What has happened to rock […]

Say ‘Woke’

By Rann Miller, Moguldom A protestor walks away as police in riot gear advance on the crowd after a 10 p.m. curfew following the funeral for Freddie Gray, April 28, 2015, in Baltimore. Gray was arrested by the Baltimore Police Department over possessing a knife and suffered spinal […]


William S. Lind, Traditional Right On the surface, the cultural Marxists’ war on normal pronouns is simply silly, the vaporings of unhinged women.  Even those unhinged women know that in the real world, men are “he,” women are “she,” things are “it,” and “they” is plural.  We all […]