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The American Ruling Class

This is an interesting article that, I think, illustrates both the strengths and limitations of modern “conservative” critiques of the new ruling class. Angelo Codevilla’s theory was half-right. “Some scholars such as Charles Murray and political commentators such as Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson have come to use […]

Cancel Culture Takes a Big “L”

By Matt Taibbi The press tries and fails to hype a crisis into existence over Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special. First, there were the numbers. Over the course of the last week, news commentators predicted a huge demonstration of Netflix employees in protest of comedian Dave Chappelle’s The […]

The Great New Normal Purge

Consent Factory So, the Great New Normal Purge has begun … right on cue, right by the numbers. As we “paranoid conspiracy theorists” have been warning would happen for the past 18 months, people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregated, stripped […]

Eco-fascism is our future

I started noticing this trend 30 years ago. By Paul Kingsworth, Unherd The Green movement will become an all-consuming empire. The numbers were in, and everybody could see what was coming: at least ten billion human souls by the end of the century. All of us clamouring for […]

Cancelling the Beat Generation

By David S. Wills, Quillette Almost from its inception, the Beat Generation seemed to be doomed to failure. In and around Columbia University, a ragtag group of bohemians coalesced based upon an odd array of mutual interests. Two of them were homosexuals, one bisexual, and all were interested […]

The Army War College Goes Woke

By Francis P. Sempa  American Spectator Parameters is the quarterly publication of the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Earlier this year on the Real Clear Defense website, I wrote an article celebrating the 50th anniversary of Parameters. I praised the journal and its editors for publishing […]

Why Wokeism Will Rule the World

Probably the main reason that I frequently butt heads with the left-anarchists is that I do not necessarily believe that the universalization of “wokeism” is the priority issue or even something that needs to happen at all. I tend to view “woke anarchism” the same way I might […]

Moral Majority Media Strikes Again

By Matt Taibbi When Rachel Maddow, Rolling Stone, and others jumped on a dubious report of ivermectin overdoses, it was just the latest in a string of moral mania mishaps. Citing a report of Oklahoma emergency rooms so overwhelmed by ivermectin overdoses that gunshot victims were going untreated, […]

Mars Ascendant

By William S. Lind, Traditional Right By “Mars Ascendant,” I do not mean the little green men who pole their gondolas along the planet’s peaceful canals are about to invade and conquer earth. I refer to a different Mars, Mars the god of war. I think he is […]

Occupy was destroyed by SJWs to protect the 1%.

V-RADIO Website: V-RADIO.US OR SOURCES: Hillary Clinton tries to distract from Bernie’s exposure of Wall Street with Social Justice Bullshit:… Nexis Lexis Twitter Thread of stats of the articles that were written mentioning Occupy and Occupy’s issues declining, with social justice articles shooting STRAIGHT UP.… […]

The West’s cultural revolution is over

Exactly. “Social Justice” is just the latest rendition of social conservatism/bourgeois morality. Social conservatism isn’t static. It changes relative to time and place like anything else. Even the staunchest 1950s-style American social conservative was a flaming liberal compared to a medieval Catholic social conservative or an ancient Roman […]

Welcome to Year Zero

By Wesley Yang The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of America announced last year that it would set diversity quotas for any film eligible to win a best picture award. In order to enforce these targets, there will be regular surprise inspections into the racial origins […]

An Interview with John McWhorter

This is a great interview with McWhorter, and one of the best discussions I have seen on these topics. He gives the answers I would be inclined to give to the interviewer’s questions. PBS, Firing Line Columbia University linguist and race commentator John McWhorter explains the origins of […]

Interview With Professor Adolph Reed

By Matt Taibbi Funny, outspoken, and original, the political science professor and author talks race, class, liberalism, and Robin DiAngelo on Useful Idiots. Last May, the Democratic Socialists of America invited the longtime Yale, Northwestern, and University of Pennsylvania professor Adolph Reed to speak to the New York […]