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The West’s cultural revolution is over

Exactly. “Social Justice” is just the latest rendition of social conservatism/bourgeois morality. Social conservatism isn’t static. It changes relative to time and place like anything else. Even the staunchest 1950s-style American social conservative was a flaming liberal compared to a medieval Catholic social conservative or an ancient Roman […]

Welcome to Year Zero

By Wesley Yang The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of America announced last year that it would set diversity quotas for any film eligible to win a best picture award. In order to enforce these targets, there will be regular surprise inspections into the racial origins […]

An Interview with John McWhorter

This is a great interview with McWhorter, and one of the best discussions I have seen on these topics. He gives the answers I would be inclined to give to the interviewer’s questions. PBS, Firing Line Columbia University linguist and race commentator John McWhorter explains the origins of […]

Interview With Professor Adolph Reed

By Matt Taibbi Funny, outspoken, and original, the political science professor and author talks race, class, liberalism, and Robin DiAngelo on Useful Idiots. Last May, the Democratic Socialists of America invited the longtime Yale, Northwestern, and University of Pennsylvania professor Adolph Reed to speak to the New York […]


As I said in another post on here yesterday, I generally hold to the view that the central thrust of PC/SJWism/Wokeness/whatever is largely just the latest rendition of bourgeois morality, filtered through the lens of sectarian WASPish Protestant pietism in its “progressive Christian” and “social gospel” forms. It […]

Meet the Censored: Bret Weinstein

By Matt Taibbi Canceled on campus for speaking his mind, he’s now going through a sequel at the hands of Silicon Valley. On May 23, 2017, not so long ago in real time but seemingly an eternity given the extraordinary history we’ve lived through since, a group of […]

Soft Totalitarianism

By Bill Hull, The Bonhoeffer Project Hard totalitarianism is easy to see. It is Soviet tanks rolling through your streets. It is the secret police in the former East Germany bugging your home, following you, arresting you, torturing you, and imprisoning you with a show trial or no […]

Soft Totalitarianism, Coming or Going?

By James M. Patterson, Law Liberty Many Americans today live on edge. The arrival of COVID-19 has introduced an invisible enemy that attacks without reason or mercy. The policy responses of quarantine and shutdown have led to lay-offs, business failures, evictions, and foreclosures. Those still lucky enough to […]

On Having Whiteness

Change the title of this to “On Having Jewishness” and the problematic aspects of this line of thinking are illustrated. This article, along with the writings of Ibram X. Kendi, is the most extreme example I have seen to date of full-blown “left-racial supremacism” entering into mainstream discourse. […]

Against the Rainbow Capitalists

I advise the paleo-populists to jettison the capitalist class and conservative “big media.” By Keith Preston, Chronicles Broad swaths of conservative opinion today would have it that the enemy of the right is some variant of Marxism. But this does not accurately describe people like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, […]

Why is Everything Liberal?

When the majority of the capitalist class and the intelligence services have adopted “wokeness” as their self-legitimating ideology, we know that the totalitarian humanist revolution is complete. By Richard Hanania In a democracy, every vote is supposed to be equal. If about half the country supports one side […]