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There’s a culture clash in Roman Catholicism. Guess who’s winning?

It is interesting how the totalitarian humanist ideology is largely replacing mainline Protestantism (like Episcopalianism) as the dominant religion of the WASP upper middle class, and is even finding its way into traditionally “conservative” religious denominations like the Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist Convention, and even non-denominational “low […]

The Successor Ideology

This is a must-watch. These fellows discuss how totalitarian humanism is a type of secularized Christian moralism that is primarily rooted in the upper-middle class. The “social justice camp” that Coleman Hughes describes sounds like something out of the “Jesus camp” movie. I remember the days when totalitarian […]

The Left is Now the Right

The main problem with the Left is that it always becomes the Right once in power. This article by Matt Taibbi illustrates very well why I am completely indifferent to domestic American politics. The Red Tribe and the Blue Tribe deserve each other every bit as much as […]

Progressivism in the United States

Many people are regrettably confused about what gets passed off as “leftism” in the USA. Historically, the original “left” were the classical liberals of the 18th century who favored republicanism over absolute monarchies. In this sense, virtually all Americans are “leftists” even Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. In […]

#WalkAway: The Perfect Neocon Scam?

Given that the Republican “base” of older white evangelicals and nativists is rapidly shrinking, I’ve often wondered where the GOP would get their replacement constituency from. It appears this #WalkAway movement may be part of their effort to “elect a new people” (Bertolt Brecht). #WalkAway seems to be […]

“The God That Failed”

A classic work featuring essays by ex-Communists that was originally published in the 1950s. Today’s totalitarian humanists are going to produce a whole new generation of “god that failed” types and already appears to be doing so. The danger is that they will go the Sidney Hook, Frank […]

Antifa: Nazis Without a Plan

I am briefly mentioned in this article. By Paul Gottfried Chronicles Although I have spent much of my scholarly life warning against inappropriate comparisons between Nazis or fascists and the pet peeves of academics and journalists, I myself am now using the F-word (as in fascist) or really […]

The Rally That Changed My Mind

This video makes many valid points, and the speaker’s own YouTube channel has a lot of very good stuff.  But it is a grave error to abandon either the SJW/Antifa Left (supposed ) far-left or the (supposed center-left) Democratic Party (“walk away”) only to embrace the Republicans, Trumpism, […]

How to Fight Totalitarian Humanism

James Lindsay outlines the intellectual trajectory of totalitarian humanism, political correctness, wokeness, cultural Marxism, whatever one wants to call it, pretty thoroughly in this, although I would add more emphasis on 19th century Progressive Christianity and Maoism during the Cultural Revolution period than what he mentions. He focuses […]

So Close, But Yet So Far…

I came across this recent statement from a leftist activist. The comments below were made as part of a wider argument that opposition to PC is nothing more special pleading by reactionaries who merely want to be exempt from criticism, which is the standard leftist reply to criticisms […]

Woke Allies: You’re in Danger, Stupid

Essentially, we have a four-way fight on our hands. One against the state/ruling class/power elite. One against the far-right, and one against the far-left. A serious fourth position would involve drawing from the lumpenproletariat, the 46% percent, the radical center, the exhausted minority, disaffected reds and blues, and […]

Is Death Squad America on the Way?

“A Latino friend of mine pointed out today that what we are seeing in Portland is a light version of CIA operations in El Salvador, Columbia, Chile and other Latin American countries in the 70s and 80s. The US propped up dictators and organized coups. The US helped […]

What do leftists really want America to be?

A couple of traditional conservatives provide a pretty good discussion of what the rising forces of totalitarian humanism actually are, i.e. opportunists that will make common cause with the Deep State, the capitalist class, and the military-industrial complex in order to obtain power while repressing, subordinating, or purging […]

First as a Tragedy, Then as a Farce

From the text of the 1976 Constitution of Enver Hoxha’s Albania. Sound familiar? Article 53 Citizens enjoy the freedom of speech, the press, organization, association, assembly and public manifestation. The state guarantees the realization of these freedoms, it creates the conditions for them, and makes available the necessary […]