Tucker: The Cultural Revolution has come to America Reply

On one hand, Carlson is correct that there is a dangerous totalitarian element on the margins of the insurrection, and that such elements are motivated by the ambition of riding the wave of a popular rebellion to power, only to set up a tyrannical state of their own (which defines most of the history of Communism). He is also correct that “totalitarian humanism” in its most extreme forms resembles the Maoist self-criticism concept (in fact, I have argued that it is partially derived from Maoism). But such things only exist on the margins at present, and guys like Carlson overstate their presence, just as liberal and left opinion grossly overstates the influence of white nationalists or “the Russians.”

The interesting thing that is happening right now is the co-option of the insurrection by the state and capitalism, and the fact that so many corporate and state-affiliated entities and individuals are rushing to show their wokeness. The rebellion against the police state is real and long overdue, but the strategy that has been adopted by the dominant factions of the ruling class (the Deep State-financier-tech oligarch-new clerisy axis) is co-optation rather than suppression, which is why they are treating Trump like the crazy uncle that is (literally) in the basement at this point.  Very shrewd. The resilience of capitalism that has been pointed out by serious leftists like Marx and Chomsky is demonstrated once again.

Naomi Seibt Faces Prison For Incorrect Climate Views Reply

A German teenager runs afoul of the new blasphemy laws. I consider the tribal civil war between the Red Tribe and Blue Tribe to a low-intensity variation of the traditional Catholic/Protestant conflicts in Europe during the early modern period or the Sunni/Shia conflict in the Middle East today. Each side has its own preferred version of religious or sumptuary law, (for example, laws against flag-burning for the Red Tribe or hate speech for the Blue Tribe).

The EU/NATO countries are essentially colonies of the US empire (with Western Europe being a collection of additional Blue colonies, and Eastern Europe largely being a collection of Red colonies). Just as China (an outlying province in the US-controlled global capitalist empire) is a test market for the police/surveillance state, so is Western Europe (particularly the Anglo-Celtic-Germanic-Scandinavian countries) a test market in totalitarian humanism. Naomi Seibt is the modern equivalent of a heretic who has denied a primary article of Blue Tribe orthodoxy (like denying the Trinity in a pre-modern theocratic state).

By Paul Homewood

While our attentions have been focussed on the coronavirus, something alarming and rather shocking has been going on in Germany.

You will probably be aware of Naomi Seibt, the 19 year old from Germany who has been making a name as the anti-Greta lately. Her common sense messages about global warming have not gone down well with the climate establishment, who prefer the hysterical outpourings of Greta.


Totalitarian Humanism’s Therapeutic State Component Reply

I always said the “new fascism” would not be under the guise of national or racial chauvinism but would be wrapped in the banner of “progressive” causes like “safety,” “health,” or “equality.” Where have you been, Antifa?

I originally introduced the concept of totalitarian humanism in this article for Lew Rockwell back in 2007. I discussed the class component, materialist base, and ideological superstructure elements of totalitarian humanism in this lecture to the HL Mencken Club in 2018. Critics of “political correctness” often focus on its pathological fixation on race, gender, and sexuality, but the therapeutic state (a concept originally developed by Thomas Szasz) is also an essential element of totalitarian humanism (there is also a foreign policy component as well).

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City Bans Anarchy Symbol – Officials Call It “Hate Speech Similar To Swastika” Reply

I have always said that “anti-hate speech” is just a mask for political repression. States and ruling classes always attempt to justify repression by appealing to the dominant moral paradigm. In past times, they would use religion as a justification for suppressing ostensible heretics. When church and state were separated, the new justifications became Communism or obscenity. Now that Communism is largely dead and what was formerly considered obscene (profanity, pornography, homosexuality, etc.) is now mainstream, the dominant cosmopolitan-liberal paradigm is being used instead.

The interesting thing about this situation is that most anarchists seem to share the same moral paradigm as those who wish to ban the circle “A” (e.g. “cosmopolitanism uber alles”). The main reason that I have pushed the critique of morality developed by Stirner, Nietzsche, etc. is that moralism is always the first refuge of the state. Most anarchists reject the religious paradigms that were used to justify past states (although some anarchists hold to a subversive counter-paradigm rooted in religion like the Christian anarchists). Most anarchists reject the secular ideologies that have been used to justify modern states (social contract theory, vanguard party, fuhrerprinzip, etc.). But, regrettably, most anarchists still have not shaken off the “progressive-left” or “cosmopolitan-liberal” moral paradigm and its pieties like “progress,” “inclusion,” and so forth.

By John Vibes

Free Thought Project

Ontario, Canada – Last week, officials with the City of Hamilton legally ordered a local anarchist group to remove the anarchy symbol from the front of their headquarters, under the pretense of fighting against hate speech.


Would You Care if a White Man Cured Covid-19? Hiring researchers by sex and race rather than scientific prowess is dangerous nonsense 2

I’m generally not a fan of Randian cop-lover Heather MacDonald, but this is funny.

By Heather MacDonald

Rightfully Yours

“If we are in a war, as our leaders tell us, we should act like it. Diverting scientists’ attention, time and funding away from research and toward identity politics is a decadence that we can no longer afford. Reviving the economy will be as urgent a task as fighting the pandemic. Yet an early Democratic version of last month’s $2 trillion relief package required corporations to bulk up their diversity bureaucracies if they want aid. The only qualifications that should matter for both science and private enterprise are knowledge, insight and drive.”

Scientists at Oxford University and King’s College London are racing to develop an inexpensive ventilator that can be quickly built with off-the-shelf components. Should it matter that all the lead researchers on the project are men? If you believe university diversity bureaucrats and many academic deans, the initiative will be handicapped by the absence of women among the project heads. If there is a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it may be to expose as dangerous nonsense the practice of hiring researchers by sex and race rather than scientific accomplishments.


Who Is the State, Ruling Class, and Power Elite? 1

It seems that most people even on the far left and far right have a limited perception and definition of what concepts like the “state,” “ruling class,” or “power elite” actually mean. It would also seem that we need a much more modernized and expansive definition of these concepts if we are going to be intellectually and strategically prepared to fight our common enemies in the future (assuming that is what we want to do, which many apparently do not).


Tucker: Some lockdown lawmakers want to stamp out dissent Reply

Tucker Carlson is a de facto spokesman for the petite bourgeoise and “small capitalist” sectors of the commercial economy, the post-bourgeois proletariat, the “sinking middle,” the dying WASP culture, political traditionalists and constitutional fundamentalists of the kind found on the paleo/populist-right, etc. Many of those interests have been hit very hard by the state-ordered economic shutdown. It makes sense some of them would be motivated to protest. Tucker Carlson is grudgingly allowed on FOX as a bone thrown to the paleo-right, the same way Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel are bones thrown to the libertarian-right, even if FOX is ultimately nothing more than the propaganda arm of the tripartite alliance of the right-wing plutocrats, military-industrial-complex, and AIPAC.

Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns Reply

The tech oligarchy is a principal faction of the rising left-wing of the capitalist class, for whom scientism and the therapeutic state are a core component of their self-legitimating ideology, which is in turn disseminated by the new clerisy whose ranks include the white coat priesthood.

Woketivists who decried Joe Rogan endorsement silent on Howard Stern backing Biden Reply

Like most cults, the Democratic Party has both an exoteric and esoteric doctrine. “Wokeness” is the exoteric doctrine that is intended for the purpose of manipulating and motivating the rank and file of true believers (the progressive liberal/social democratic/SJW/Antifa/anarcho-progressive axis) while neoliberalism is the esoteric doctrine of the left-wing of the capitalist class, with the theology of “wokeness” being disseminated by the New Clerisy (for example, televangelists of neoliberalism such as MSNBC commentators).

Yes, plenty of “anarcho-progressives” and others will decry such a comparison, but how many of them plan to faithfully do their woke duty and vote for Biden because Orange Man is a Fascist!!?? For instance, during the primaries Goofy Gillis actually referred to Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang as the “fashiest” of the Democratic candidates, presumably meaning that from Goofy’s “woke anarchist” perspective Biden, Kamala, and Buttigieg (i.e. neoliberal puppets) were more acceptable than the pseudo-mavericks.

Of course, I could provide a comparative analysis of the Republicans.

Krystal Ball: The woke Left tried to cancel me, that’s why they keep losing Reply

This is one of the very best commentaries Krystal has ever done.

Krystal Ball responds to critics who accused her of treating racism like, “some type of minor policy difference that can just be hand waved away,” for calling Tucker Carlson, an “independent thinker,” for being willing to dissent from the Trump administration on immigration policy.

The Steady March of Liberal Hypocrisy Reply

Here’s the money quote:

“Where, one wants to ask Kofman and her co-authors, is the “tolerance” on which liberals pride themselves? Whatever happened to those old leftists, like Noam Chomsky and Peter Singer, who were averse to “gatekeepers,” stressing that absurd ideas and “hate speech” are the price we must pay for free speech? Are we to believe that democracy, and culture, and the life of the mind come at no cost?

ProPublica describes itself as “journalism that holds power to account.” But in order to do that, is it necessary to object to “extremists” having a “safe space”? Despite much liberal hysteria and paranoia, there are very few white supremacists in our country today, and such persons have little cultural influence and no political power.”

By Christopher DeRoot

Taki’s Mag

If you’ve lived to reach a certain age and looked closely at the world, you’ve probably noticed how full of crap people are. Indignant when others engage in behaviors that they think are wrong, they are quite willing to ignore their own failings. More than that, once such failings are pointed out to them, people will insist, in their intractable delusion, that those things never even happened.


Coronavirus being used as a way to silent dissent across the globe Reply

Associated Press

BELGRADE, Serbia — Soldiers patrol the streets with their fingers on machine gun triggers. The army guards an exhibition center-turned-makeshift-hospital crowded with rows of metal beds for those infected with the coronavirus. And Serbia’s president warns residents that Belgrade’s graveyards won’t be big enough to bury the dead if people ignore his government’s lockdown orders.

Since President Aleksandar Vucic announced an open-ended state of emergency on March 15, parliament has been sidelined, borders shut, a 12-hour police-enforced curfew imposed and people over 65 banned from leaving their homes — some of Europe’s strictest measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Serbian leader, who makes dramatic daily appearances issuing new decrees, has assumed full power, prompting an outcry from opponents who say he has seized control of the state in an unconstitutional manner.

Rodoljub Sabic, a former state commissioner for personal data protection, says by proclaiming a state of emergency, Vucic has assumed “full supremacy” over decision-making during the crisis, although his constitutional role is only ceremonial.

“He issues orders which are automatically accepted by the government,” Sabic said. “No checks and balances.”

In ex-communist Eastern Europe and elsewhere, populist leaders are introducing harsh measures including uncontrolled cellphone surveillance of their citizens and lengthy jail sentences for those who flout lockdown decrees.


End of “WOKE” & the Politics of PROSPERITY #CANCELLED Reply

Will Coronavirus and Great Depression Two be the end of “wokeness”? I doubt it. “Wokeness” actually increased by an order of magnitude after the Great Recession. I see no evidence that the “culture wars” have subsided in the context of the present crisis. If anything, extremist movements, left and right, will become more commonplace in the context of rapid economic decline.

Why are Middle-class People so Left Wing? Reply

Historically, totalitarian revolutions have been driven by the left-wing of the middle class during times when the middle-class (or at least segments of the middle class)  is rising on a socioeconomic level but has its political ambitions frustrated by deeply entrench elites. I believe this theory explains the French Revolution as well as the Marxist revolutions from the 20th century as well as any.

Today, in the West, we see that the primary constituency for “totalitarian humanism,” is among the upwardly mobile strata of the middle class, which tends to be highly educated, urban-centered, and with highly cosmopolitan cultural values. The actual proletariat (or today’s “post-bourgeois-proletariat,” i.e. the sinking “working to middle-class” in countries like the US) and the peasanty (or rural, agricultural populations generally) tend to be reactionary.

Within the context of today’s US politics, the “Center” (establishment) is comprised of the neoliberal managerial elites (represented in politics by Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer and Republicans like Romney and McConnell).  The right-wing of the Republican Party (both “ultra-conservatives” and Trumpian populists) and others further to the right (white nationalists, Alt-Right, fascists, etc.) represent a coalition or agglomeration of forces that were once dominant but have been losing power for generations (the old-bourgeoisie, the post-bourgeois proletariat, WASP culture, rural culture, traditional religion, etc). While the “turn-back-the-clock” politics of these sectors may be retrograde and self-defeating, many people from these sectors can be very insightful in their critiques of what I call “totalitarian humanism” because they see its growing influence and correctly view it as a threat to their own interests.

The left-wing of the Democratic Party represents a wide range of sectors that collectively comprise the constituency of “totalitarian humanism” including:

-The left-wing of the middle class (predominantly, the urban, professional class)

-The lower strata of the managerial elites (what the neocons’ have called the “new class”)

-Elite and upwardly mobile sectors of traditional minority groups: the civil rights bureaucracy/industry (typically led by the bourgeois sectors within minority groups), “Women’s March” types(Big Pink), the gay rights establishment (Big Lavender), what Norman Finkelstein calls the “Holocaust industry”, the organized atheist movement (secular fundamentalism), rising religious minorities (e.g. bourgeois sectors among Muslim-Americans, Linda Sarsour, CAIR types, or New Age clerics like Marianne Williamson)

-Rising business interests challenging dominant business interests (the green energy industry’s challenge to the fossil fuel industry-Big Green vs. Big Oil- is an obvious example, Big Tech vs. traditional Chamber of Commerce types is another)

-What the Maoists/Third Worldists call the “labor aristocracy” (upper strata working class and the business union bureaucracy)

-Moral entrepreneurs and secular priests responsible for disseminating the ideological values of totalitarian humanism (the SPLC or Tim Wise-types, for example)

There is also the question of where those to the left of the Democratic Party stand in this paradigm. Clearly, groups like the Green Party or DSA share the same basic values as the left-wing of the Democratic Party while rejecting the Democratic Party as an organizational vehicle with which to achieve their goals. The hyper-SJW types found primarily in the academic world and the activist left might be considered ultra-fundamentalist versions of totalitarian, with the Antifa sectors simply representing “totalitarian humanism for sociopaths.” Much of the Anarchist left has been regrettably co-opted and subsumed by these sectors. Historically, the Anarchist left has had a very unfortunate tendency to attach itself to left-wing totalitarian tendencies, only to be subsequently backstabbed and purged.

Interestingly, at least some actual Marxist-Leninist tendencies (predominantly, those with Eurasianist or Third Worldist inclinations) seem to be functioning outside the paradigm of totalitarian humanism and have even embraced some criticisms of the managerial elites which overlap those voiced by the right.

Covid Will Not Kill Social Justice Warriors Reply

Beware of the wolves, left and right.

By Rod Dreher

The American Conservative

James Lindsay is a mathematician and academic gadfly who has made his name outside of academic circles as a harsh and witty critic of “critical social justice” theory, and of its progressive crusaders. Along with colleagues Helen Pluckrose and Peter Boghossian, Lindsay pranked “grievance studies” journals by submitting fake papers that made absurd — but politically correct — claims, and were accepted for publication. More recently, Lindsay is the founder of New Discourses, a website that aims to be “a home for the politically homeless, especially for those who feel like they’ve been displaced from their political homes because of the movement sometimes called “Critical Social Justice” and the myriad negative effects it has had on our political environments, both on the left and on the right.”

Lindsay is a man of the political left, and an atheist. He is also one of the smartest analysts of what Critical Social Justice means for our society. His 2018 Areo essay explaining why critical social justice is a religion is a fundamental text for understanding this phenomenon. I wrote Lindsay the other day and put a series of questions to him about the future of critical social justice in a time of pandemic. Dare we hope that the hard material realities of plague and economic collapse will shove these loonies permanently to the margins? Here’s our interview: