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Racist Riverdale

By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative Writing in the Wall Street Journal (paywalled), Bion Bartning talks about when wokeness invaded his children’s posh New York City private school, Riverdale, which costs $58,000 per year to attend. Last fall, the school began to focus on privilege and white fragility. […]

A short history of wokeness

By Kevin Baldeosingh, Spiked What does it mean to be woke? Those who consider themselves woke, even if they don’t use the label, might see wokeness as an embrace of positive virtues, such as tolerance, fairness and awareness. The Oxford English Dictionary defines woke as meaning ‘alert to […]

The Five Factions of Totalitarian Humanism

From what I can gather “wokesters” come in at least five basic categories: ruling class elements seeking to incorporate progressive movements from recent decades into their self-legitimating ideology; professional class ladder-climbers engaged in virtue-signaling; quasi-religious zealots bent on moral purity akin to the Mormons and their “words of […]

Facebook purges left-wing pages and individuals

The media, universities, and tech companies are the new church, in the sense of being the institutions that determine, disseminate, and enforce the ideological superstructure of the ruling class and the dominant value paradigm of the wider society. The present “totalitarian humanist” paradigm regards as heresy, apostasy, blasphemy, […]

The Triumph of Totalitarian Humanism?

The term “totalitarian humanism” is the one I use for the self-legitimating ideological superstructure of the ruling classes, states, and power elites of developed (“First World”) countries. Totalitarian humanism’s core features would be the following: -masking imperialism under the guise of “human rights,” “collective security,” “duty to protect,” […]

Meet the Censored: Mark Crispin Miller

By Matt Taibbi Mark Crispin Miller, author and longtime New York University professor, has unconventional views. Even work he’s done that’s won mainstream praise is unconventional, upon close examination. If you came of political age during the Iraq war years, you probably remember him for The Bush Dyslexicon, […]

Hollywood’s “Illiberal Left”

By Fiona Harrigan Public affection operates on a hair trigger. With cancel culture more popular than ever, many celebrities have fallen victim to the internet mob for crimes as simple as benign comments or right-of-center political views. Every week seems to bring a new A-lister under fire. But […]

The Mellon Foundation Goes Woke

The heirs of the Mellon banking dynasty, which goes back to the colonial period if not earlier, embrace the latest ruling class self-legitimating ideology. Right on schedule. By George Liebmann and Andrew Balio Not to be outdone by The New York Times‘ 1619 Project, the Mellon Foundation recently […]

The Case for Universal Service

Some quack makes the case for slavery. By Vicki Robin, Great Transition In Your Money or Your Life, Joe Dominguez and I present an approach to earning, spending, and saving aimed at liberating the mind (spirituality), enabling creativity in need fulfillment (DIY, resourcefulness), and freeing time from paid […]