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The Myth of Progress and The Woke Re-writing of History

My latest appearance on the Legalise Freedom podcast with Greg Moffitt

I recently sat down with Greg Moffitt of Legalise Freedom to discuss the topic of the Myth of Progress and the Woke Re-writing of History. As always, it was a wide-ranging and extremely interesting chat, that touches on many themes that both Greg and I often return to on our respective platforms.

The decline of industrial civilization in a welter of political, economic, social, and cultural ills is plain to see, even if most still deny it. But what’s behind the ‘wokification’ of history? The rise of populism in recent times has caused a crisis among so-called liberals and progressives, who feel that the comfortable world they took credit for building is being eroded by ‘racists’, ‘bigots’, and ‘fascists’. But if the underlying mythic structure of your worldview and ideology is based around the idea that Future = Good, and Past = Bad, cognitive dissonance will result. Simply put, in a world that is not conforming to the narrative of continuous Progress, the response from self-declared progressives has been to try to rewrite our past into the multicultural utopia that they wish to see realised. This will not end well. The war on reality cannot be won.


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