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Is the Israel/Gaza War the end of the Liberal-Zionist Alliance?

Woke anti-Zionists hate Israel/Jews due to their Whiteness

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Many pro-Israel Jewish liberals are now finding themselves at odds with their previous allies on the left, due to tension over the Israeli Palestinian conflict. In an article in Tablet Mag, Hamas Killed My Wokeness, Alex Olshonsk said that “I was taught that we, as Jews, stand with the oppressed—because we were the oppressed.” Then he references BLM’s pro-Hamas meme and the anti-Israel letter at Harvard University, as for why he is no longer crazy about wokeness. In an Atlantic article, The Progressives Who Flunked the Hamas Test, Helen Lewis said that “The attack refutes the flawed assumption that all social-justice causes fit neatly together.” I don’t believe in some conspiratorial antisemitic narrative but rather that large numbers of Jewish liberals are genuinely shocked by their allies’ response.

The ADL had embraced the CRT definition of racism, and has been a major proponent of woke cancel culture, including being instrumental in blacklisting Donald Trump from Twitter. Now the ADL is outraged by their former progressive allies’ response to both the Hamas terror attack and Israel’s war in Gaza. For instance, the ADL recently accused Democrat congresswomen, Cori Bush, who has been outspoken against the pro-Israel Lobby, AIPAC, of feeding “into the spike in antisemitism across the US,” for refusing “to unequivocally condemn Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre”


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